May 30, 2024

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Germany suspends license for main gas pipeline with Russia; UK Restrictions Banks – International

President of Germany, Olaf ScholesOn Tuesday, the 22nd, it announced that it had taken steps to disrupt the pipeline certification process Nort Stream 2, The country’s main energy infrastructure project, Which will carry natural gas from Russia to the country. The announcement comes a day after Vladimir Putin Russian troops allowed to enter Ukrainian borderIn the regions Donetsk And LuhanskNewly recognized by the Kremlin as independent nations.

Scholes told reporters in Berlin that his government was taking action in retaliation for Russia’s actions Ukraine. “It may seem a bit technical, but it’s an administrative step for not having a pipeline certification, and without that certification, Nord Stream 2 will not be able to function,” he said in a recorded speech. The Moscow Times.

German decision on gas pipeline – a major target of criticism from US and European allies who have accused infrastructure work of increasing the country’s energy dependence. Germany By Russia – Berlin’s first tough move against Moscow, European officials discuss other ways to put pressure on the Kremlin.

Ukraine welcomes Germany’s decision to suspend pipeline certification as a moral issue, writes Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dimitro Guleba. “In the current context, it’s a morally, politically, and practically correct step. True leadership is about making tough decisions in difficult times. Germany’s action proves just that,” Kuleba tweeted.

The UK also welcomed Germany’s decision to suspend the certification of the pipeline. Nort Stream 2. A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Russia’s overnight operations could be a precursor to a full – scale invasion.”

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The European union It United Kingdom Reveals the first wave of sanctions against Russia following the announcements Vladimir Putin At meetings of the House of Commons in London, Ukraine, and with EU Foreign Ministers in Paris.

To the British Representatives, Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announced sanctions on five Russian banks (Rossiya, IS Bank, General Bank, promsvyazbank and Black Sea Bank) and three Russian “high net worth individuals”: Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg and Igor Rotenberg. According to the British newspaper DefenderAll the assets of those allowed in the UK will be frozen and all three persons will be barred from entering the country or doing business with UK companies or service providers.

Timchenko is a billionaire with stakes in several companies, including Novotek Gas, and one of Russia’s most powerful figures, according to Forbes magazine; Rottenberg owns SMP Bank with his brother Arkady Rottenberg; And Igor Rottenberg, son of Arkady Rottenberg, is the controller of the energy company Gasprom Puranie. Everyone has a very close relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Before leaving for parliament, Johnson spoke to reporters and announced that sanctions against Moscow would be “immediately” established. “This, I must emphasize, is the first rumor of sanctions from the UK against Russia, because we expect there to be irrational Russian behavior coming up, I must say,” he declared.

Throughout the English Channel, EU Head of Foreign Policy, Joseph Borel, Said the meeting in Paris would determine the European response to this issue. “Clearly, that response will be in the form of sanctions,” Borel said, adding that the initial aim was not to impose full-scale sanctions prepared by the EU if Russia invaded Ukraine, but in response to Donetsk and recognition. Luhansk is independent.

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Asked if Russia’s decision to send “peacekeepers” was already tantamount to an invasion, Borel said: “I would not say it was a complete invasion, but Russian troops are on Ukrainian soil.”

In the case of British sanctions, Johnson said, “we are not only targeting companies in the Donbass, Luhansk and Donetsk, but also Russia” as far as possible in Russian economic interests. The UK has already threatened to cut off Russian companies’ access to the US dollar and sterling and prevent them from raising capital in London.

It did not specify who the sanctions would be on, but Johnson assured that Russian oligarchy had no place to hide, and that the targets included Russian banks.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, hundreds of billions of dollars have flowed from Russia overseas to London and the United Kingdom, and London has become the preferred western city of the super-rich in Russia and other former Soviet republics./ Reuters & AB