September 22, 2021

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Gil Nogueira revela que irá de primeira classe para os Estados Unidos

Gil Noguera reveals he will go to first class in the United States

Gilberto Noguira He decided to waste it on his US trip, where he is studying for a PhD in California. The economist responded to a fan on his Instagram and said he would go country first class.

“Are you going to first class in California?” Asked the interested internet user. Gill du Vigor confirmed and said he spent ‘all his money’ on going to the United States.

“First class because it’s like that, isn’t it? You only come to America once. Then I spent my money. Then I like it!”, He said.

The former PPP also revealed that he had made friends in Davis, California, where he had already assisted with his studies. “I’ve already made friends. I’ve already asked for help. They’re going to help me,” he joked.

Another fan wanted to know if Gilberto was scared, he could not continue classes. He denied it and admitted that it was his real fear when he had to act as a teacher.

“No, I don’t care. I think this is the question of being an AT of teaching and tuition. And then I worry a little bit about it,” he revealed.

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