November 30, 2023

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Gill sees people ‘scared’ when shouting a catch phrase in the US

Gill sees people ‘scared’ when shouting a catch phrase in the US

Gill mocked his followers about the American reaction when he shouted “Brazil” on the streets of California. I was able to learn this phrase with the participation of an economist. “PPP 21 “.

I think I will be expelled from the United States. People have no sense of humor and I can’t scream. I shout ‘Brazil’ in the street, but they are scared. Everyone looks at my face, people are scared.
Kill to Vigor in a video shared on Instagram

Gill commented on the American reactions to his catchas

Picture: இனப்பெருக்கம் / Instagram gildovigor

The Bernambuco native said he was not ashamed of the stories on Instagram and would continue to use his staff on the streets. “Whatever the situation, I can’t help it,” he added.

Next, Gill told followers that he had been invited to visit Instagram’s North American headquarters. “They want to meet me. We love each other,” he joked.

Today, Gil Do Vigor also showed the hotel where he is staying in the US And commented on his first recordings when he came to San Francisco. “From now on, this is a new thing and I will show you everything,” he said.

The former PPP arrived in the US yesterday for his PhD. “This is a beautiful place. I speak English, there are a lot of people here. I’m very excited,” he said in a video shared on social media after the flight.

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