May 25, 2024

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Repórter da Globo esfaqueado já caminha por corredor de hospital

Globo reporter stabbed actually walking through hospital corridor

Gabriel Louisea reporter for TV Globo from Brasilia, and was Stab Last Thursday night, April 14, he showed a good progression in his health after extubation. According to the doctors, the journalist is already awake, clear and conscious.

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Friends and family said that the reporter also chats, shows humor and even “makes jokes”. Although the news is encouraging, Gabriel still has to stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) for another two days. After that, he will continue to recover while he is still in the hospital. So far, there are no expectations for a rise.

The Civil Police of the Federal District announced, Friday, April 15, at a press conference that they are investigating the case as an attempted burglary, which is a burglary followed by death, ruling out any other type of hypothesis.

Reproduction / TV Globo

The two men involved in the attack on Gabriel Louise, 19 and 17, confessed to the crime in two testimonies. There were two suspects. This is an attempted burglary. This was also clear to us and it’s important to put it here. There was a subtraction of the portfolio, in which there were values ​​​​in riyals. […] Delegate Peter Rankitt said he was ignoring other lines of inquiry that also surfaced throughout the day.

Remember the case

Gabriel Louise, the TV Globo correspondent in Brasilia, was stabbed last Thursday night, April 14, in a parking lot near where he lives, in the Federal District. Information from the G1 portal. According to the publication, the journalist sustained several blows and was hospitalized in serious condition at the Hospital des Besse du DF (HBDF).

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According to the information, the security cameras recorded the approach of two suspects who surrounded and assaulted Gabriel Louise. The janitor of the building where the journalist lived said that the journalist was leaving the house in the direction of a nearby store. Gabriel was wounded in several parts of the body: abdomen, chest, and leg. The police are investigating the motive behind the crime.

Also according to G1, Gabriel was saved after he sought help from neighbours. He was taken to the Hospital des Besse du DF and was conscious. On the morning of Friday, April 15, the reporter’s family informed Al-Bawaba that Gabriel underwent surgery and that the doctors were able to contain all the bleeding. The journalist also underwent surgery on his hand.

The TV Globo spoke about the case. Read the full note:

“Globo deeply regrets what happened and offers unlimited solidarity with Gabriel Luiz and his family, who will provide them with all necessary assistance until he recovers fully. Globo thanks the police for their swift action, which resulted in the arrest of the two suspects, SAMU and the firefighters, who were quick and effective in first aid. , the SUS, and especially the medical team at the Hospital de Passi de Brasilia, who were extremely skilled in the surgeries that Gabriel underwent. Globo press will continue to follow the developments of crime in the courts”

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