June 16, 2024

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Govt cases are on the rise in three major US tourist destinations

This is one of the three major North American urban centers that is spreading rapidly at the moment: they are summer tourist destinations.

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Miami-Dade, Florida, Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Juan, Puerto Rico reported an average of at least 85 new cases per 100,000 residents a day, with more than 20% positive test results for the disease. To the New York Times database. On the other hand, there are 34 new cases per day per 100,000 population on average across the country, with positive results reaching 13%.

Until last Wednesday, the number of new confirmed cases in the country was more or less stable, declining to a recent average of 110,000, 30,000 months ago. And these are only official cases; According to experts, with the widespread use of home kits, many positive results have never been recorded, and those with mild symptoms or those without symptoms often do not bother to confirm.

– Practically the whole country is already in a summer mood, but despite this, the Govt cases continue to rise. I do not expect anything different from the tourist sites, ”said Dr. Sandra Albrecht, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University.

Only a few small communities in Puerto Rico or Hawaii and a few isolated rural districts spread across the country are places with more recent numbers than these three cities.

Areas affected by the onset of the last wave, such as the Northeast, have recently shown signs of improvement, but Miami-Tate has been steadily deteriorating since early April, with the daily average number of new cases increasing tenfold and hospitalization three times higher. Higher and the death toll will rise.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already considers the district and most parts of the state to be highly polluted, and recommends additional precautionary measures such as wearing masks in traffic and in closed public places.

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Dr. Mary Joe Trepka, director of the Department of Epidemiology at Florida International University, pointed out the possible contributing factors to this increase, including recent major events such as the Spring-Break Tourists, the F1 Miami Grand Prix, and the indifference to the epidemic:

“I think people have stopped taking as many precautionary measures as before. A lot of people wore masks and are less now. They’re tired and they’re less focused because they can not bear it.

Mayor Daniela Levine Kawa abolished all mandatory security measures in Miami-Tad in February, when the CDC changed its strategy around measures such as masking and social exclusion. At the time, most controls were no longer required in most parts of the country, according to the federal agency, although each district had to calculate its own risks with changing conditions.

When the last wave was confirmed, in April, Levin Kawa asked people to vaccinate themselves, wear masks, disinfect surfaces and maintain social distance, but none of these measures were mandatory.

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In a written announcement last Wednesday, he urged residents to take precautionary measures of their own choosing, get vaccinated and encouraged, get tested during symptoms, and stay home if they become ill:

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– The best weapons to fight the virus are the ones we already know and continue to use.

Levine Kawa noted that Florida’s district has the highest rate of Miami-Tate immunizations, showing the results of a campaign that included fewer hospitalizations than previous waves:

“But be careful though. We have not yet defeated the virus, but we already know how to control it.

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blanchiardi took a similar stance. “The corona virus is not going to disappear. Therefore, I advise everyone to continue to take personal responsibility by wearing masks around others and experimenting and using reinforcement in case of discomfort,” he wrote in a note released last Wednesday.

He said he was not thinking about re-establishing the compulsory nature of these measures and other restrictions, but rather “taking into account all possible solutions in any situation that requires immediate action.”

The county, which includes Oahu and a few other islands in the area, has seen a significant increase like Miami-Date since the beginning of April, although it may now have peaked. This is because the number of new cases per 100,000 citizens dropped to 85 daily, and the number of positive test results stopped rising in mid-May.

Hawaii has imposed some strict travel restrictions on the country, requiring everyone coming to the state to comply with the 14-day isolation; In March, however, it all came to a halt, allowing travelers leaving the mainland to enter without even being tested, and was the last state to abolish the requirement to wear a mask in closed spaces.

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A month later, the state’s tourism department recorded the largest movement since the outbreak, with more than 800,000 visitors to the archipelago, according to the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

The agency’s director Mike McCarthy said in a statement that the industry was “showing strong signs of recovery”, so he expects the number of international tourists to gradually resume, mainly Japanese – as they are in general. Role of the audience ..

In Puerto Rico, Governor Pedro Pierre Luizi lifted almost all restrictions in March, after which the number of new confirmed cases began to rise. However, tourism has recovered – and although ship arrivals have not yet reached pre-epidemic levels, business, meeting and conference travel are already improving, Discover Puerto Rico, Internet Island Tourism Officer.

Kenira Thompson, president of the Coalition of Scientists at the University of Bones Health Sciences in Puerto Rico and co-chair of the research, recommended that the elderly and people with immune deficiencies continue to wear masks in crowded places. Do it as soon as possible with reinforcement.

– During the summer tourist season, a large number of people will always be together, and the interaction between them will increase, which, despite the low number of cases, is a definite recipe for spreading the epidemic. Public precautions may be taken, but Kovit has not yet arrived, ”said Dr. Alain Labrick, director of the Johns Hopkins University Global Health Initiative.