May 19, 2024

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Grêmio could escape relegation with two more victories.  understand

Grêmio could escape relegation with two more victories. understand

It is possible, but it is not likely to happen. NS Syndicate You don’t exactly need to win by four games To avoid relegation, he scored 44 points. It is only necessary to score more than 16th, at this time Atlético jo.

Dragao, who twice beat Gremio in Brazil, has 39 points. Therefore, if they lose all matches by the end of the competition, and Grêmio adds another 7 points, they will avoid relegation. It seems almost impossible for that to happen.

It will also be necessary to have Bahia He won only one match in this period, from Atlético-GO and lost the other five matches he is still playing. This way, I will get the same 39 points. And Grêmio could get away with the number of wins, winning two more matches and drawing one.

The reality is quite different for Grêmio

With six more matches to play in Brazil, Grêmio’s life is very complicated in the Brazilian Championship. At the weekend, the team goes to Santa Catarina to capture Chapecoense and only the victory keeps their hopes alive.

Tricolor gaucho will still face flamingo Booking next week. However, they are a strong team and if they don’t press the brakes they will be the favorites for Grêmio in the same way.

The problem is that in addition to winning their games, you have to attack your opponents, so that the cutting line is reduced. There was already a year it was car He survived the fall with 39 points, and this time, with six games left to go, the 16 earned that score.

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If Grêmio wins five more matches out of the remaining six, he will definitely be in the top flight. With four wins, he will continue to take risks and will have to evaluate the table.

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Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA