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Grêmio suffers, draws with Cuiabá and puts more pressure on Felipão

Grêmio suffers, draws with Cuiabá and puts more pressure on Felipão

NS Syndicate Draw with Cuiaba, today (6), in Porto Alegre. The score is 2-2 in round 24 of Brazilian Championship The gameplay started full of tension from start to finish. Grêmio’s performance had defensive flaws and a bit of creativity and on the other hand the opponent saw meticulous serve. Performance and score, who keep the club out of Rio Grande do Sul in Z4, add to the pressure on Luis Felipe Scolari. The coach is in danger of leaving his post. The scenario was no worse thanks to Alisson, who scored both Grêmio goals.

Now, Grêmio has three matches without a win: a defeat against Atlético PR and Sport and a draw with Cuiaba. Two of these games are in the Grêmio Arena.

Max opened the scoreboard, still in the first half. Grêmio tied at the start of the final stage with Alisson. But Marlon scored the goal and two minutes later Alisson did it again.

The match started off tense in Grêmio week. After the defeat to Sport, on Sunday (3), there was a discussion between the players in the Grêmio locker room and a meeting for nearly two hours at CT, last Monday.

Grêmio now has 23 points and is 17th. Cuiaba reached 30 and is 12th.

In the next round, Grêmio visits Santos and hosts Cuiabá São Paulo. The match at Villa Belmiro takes place on Sunday (10). The match will be held at the Arena Pantanal on Monday (11).

in the field worry It was almost tangible. Nervous, Grêmio struggled even as they grabbed the ball and put pressure. In the first half, the acting was more shy and tense. At the final stage, the pressure was greater.

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Who decided: Alison

The attacking midfielder, who was criticized a lot on social networks and a candidate to leave the team, started and saved Grêmio from defeat. He scored two goals and scored a draw. After the first goal, he shouted in celebration demanding “respect” for the fans.

Who disappointed him: Rawan

The defender missed two goals from Cuiaba. At first he came out of the defense to put pressure on his opponent in the midfield. Undocking was born. In the second, he took his time chasing Marlon—who headed solid for first.

Felipão changes all sectors

The goalkeeper has changed, the defense has changed, the midfield has also changed, and the attack has also undergone modifications. Brenno, Kneeman, Lucas Silva, Campaz and Diego Sousa were the news, compared to the match against Sport. The defensive midfielder and striker entered the vacancies of Mathias Villasante and Miguel Borga, who have been called up to the Paraguayan national team with an ankle injury respectively.

A different guild doing the same thing again

There was no point in changing. Grêmio delivered a problematic performance, both in attack and defence. Even with Campaz close to Douglas Costa and Alisson, the chances of a goal were slim. And it’s all from individual bids. In midfield, the wide spaces left the defense weighed down. The domino effect of the last matches appeared again.

Kuyaba is waiting while he is a killer

Without bouncing, blocking traffic lines and paying attention, Cuiabá discovered what Grêmio made easy: spaces. In the first attack, Jorginho’s team untied the right side of Grêmio’s defense. It ended with a powerful kick from Max and a goal.

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Twenty-three attempts. one hit

The numbers indicate Grêmio’s transfer attempts, who are still in the first half. Yes, after taking the air ball from 1 to 0, the Rio Grande do Sul team started betting everything on the air ball. I only managed to fit one try.

Grêmio interacts with Ferreira and Churín

During the break, Felipão made two changes and Grêmio was also sharper. Take the rest position in tow. On the strength and willpower, Rio Grande do Sul tied early and spent the rest of the second half at Cuiaba.

Two goals in three minutes

Cuiaba’s first kick in the second half ended with a corner kick. On the kick, Marlon evaded control to make it 2-1. The header on the first post was powerful. But soon after, Grêmio tied. Alisson took advantage of Rafinha’s cross and shot it from close range to Walter.

data sheet:

reason: Round 24 of the Brazilian Championship
data it is time: 10/06/2021 (Wednesday), 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time)
Sweetened: Arena do Grêmio, in Porto Alegre (RS)
Rule: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
Auxiliaries: Fabricio Villarino da Silva (GO) and Bruno Rafael Perez (GO)
where: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ)
yellow cards: Thiago Santos, Diego Chorin (Greece); Allan Emperor and Lucas Ramos (CUI)
Objectives: Max, at 23 minutes into the first half (CUI); Alisson, six minutes into the second half (GRE)

Syndicate: Brino. Vanderson, Rowan, Kahneman, and Ravinia; Thiago Santos (Jean Perry), Lucas Silva, Campaz (Ferreira); Allison (Jonata Robert), Douglas Costa and Diego Sousa (Diego Chorin). idiomatic: Luiz Felipe Scolari

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CUIABÁ: Walter. Joao Lucas, Marlon, Alan Emperor and Lucas Hernandez (Lucas Ramos); Oremer, Pepe (Rafael Java), Camilo (Jonathan Cafu), Claeson (Philip Marquez); Max and Jennison. idiomatic: Jorginho