May 30, 2024

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Half price ticket results at SP ?;  US GDP;  Swings and everything to read today

Half price ticket results at SP ?; US GDP; Swings and everything to read today

Read the main news this Thursday (28) to start the day:

The hottest of the day

Reaction and market movement for Copom, US GDP, ECB, Vale and Petrobras
International stock markets operate in a mixed fashion, with US data and cash in Europe waiting to be decided

Sao Paulo delegates approve half-price decision; Understand
The plan, written by Deputy Arthur Doe Wall, is approved by a single vote and goes to Governor Jono Toria for approval.

Argentina: Record devaluation cripples Hermanos’ economy
The peso reaches an all-time low against the dollar; The country still suffers from low growth, a 42% poverty rate and $ 44 billion in foreign debt

Ray Talio’s manager hopes the U.S. will benefit from rising inflation
Bridgewater Associates establishes itself in assets that benefit from demand shocks

Court: Up to 25% off judges’ car auction
The vehicles were in good condition and were used by sergeants, lieutenants and judges

Amazon publishes key decisions to understand the future of the company
The company is preparing to hire hundreds of thousands of employees in a tight job market in the United States, which should increase costs

Petropross releases balance sheet, which will boost strong oil revenues
Mineradora Vale also releases financial data for the past three months on Thursday

With billionaire money, Movida is up 7 times in the third quarter
The company has increased revenue in all business verticals; The plan is to expedite the acceptance of the subscription car

Amaro and Pantis introduced the ‘Nua’ collection that evaluates different skin colors
In addition to products, brands also donate absorbent underwear to women in menstrual poverty

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Executive Aviation: After the acquisition of the icon, Flying Aviation hits the Southeast
The Goania-based company has expanded into the Minas Triangle in 2018 and is integrating its operations in the Southeast with Icon’s assets at major airports such as the Congohans and Santos Dumont.

Politics and the world

The government is trying again to vote for Precatório’s PEC in the Chamber this Thursday
The PEC’s vote, scheduled for Wednesday, was overshadowed by a lack of quorum. The government needs 308 positive votes to approve a plan to open up financial space for the creation of Axilio Brazil.

Ciro Nogueira defends the union between PP and PL on the Bolsanaro plate
In an interview, the Minister of Civil House also denied that Axelio was a voter in Brazil, but did not explain how he would be from 2023.

Another city in China has been jailed since Kovit-19
About 6 million Chinese are now subject to control measures

India arrests Muslims for supporting Pakistan cricket team
Authorities allege three youths shouted ‘anti-India’ phrases during a game valid for the World Cup; They were accused of ‘promoting cyber hostility and terrorism’

When you disconnect

Keanu Reeves: Look at the R $ 55,000 prize given by the actor to the stuntmen
Keane Reeves confirmed his status as ‘Hollywood’s Best Boy’ by gifting ‘John Wick’ to the stunt team during dinner in Paris; See pictures

Conmepol announces that it does not support the World Cup every two years
The announcement is a setback to the efforts of FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who traveled to some South American countries this month to strengthen his bid to host the biennial World Cup.

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In Brazil, the General Market Price Index (IGP-M) for October., An indicator that measures the change in prices for restructuring lease agreements by Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

The United States publishes its gross domestic product (GDP) results for the third quarter of 2021, with the region growing during this period. Published by the Department of Labor Initial claims for unemployment insurance In the country, it is considered to be the first indicator of the health of the labor market.

Today’s philosophy

Sometimes when you make innovations, you make a mistake. It’s good to acknowledge them quickly and improve your other findings.”- Steve Jobs.

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