June 23, 2024

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Health consultant in Goiás dies at 33 of bacterial pneumonia

Health consultant in Goiás dies at 33 of bacterial pneumonia

Goiania – Journalist Pedro Henrique Ferreira, 33, head of communications at the Goiás State Department of Health (cisgo), died on Saturday morning (4/2), at The capital of Goiásafter confronting a bacterial pneumonia.

He was being treated for the disease, admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), and intubated, but he did not survive. Friends, colleagues and authorities mourned the journalist’s death via social media.

conservative Ronaldo Chiado Uniao Brasil said he freaked out. “We are appalled and disappointed by his early departure. Pedro was a very kind, interesting, helpful and competent person,” he posted.


Pedro was responsible for health communications in Goiás, during the pandemic. Kayado recalled the work he did: “He has faced the difficulties imposed by the pandemic like no one else, facing the wallet hardest hit by the disease. He has never let himself down.”

a look:

.’s official profile secretary She also posted a condolence note. “The Secretariat is grateful for the legacy and dedication of Goiás left by Pedro. It expresses its support, sadness and solidarity with all her family and friends.

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Pedro was loved by his fellow journalists and friends. “A perfect and multifaceted professional,” describes the SESGO note.

According to Goiás Minister of Health, Ismael Alexandrino, Pedro’s tube was inserted on Thursday (31/3). He considers it a great loss and describes the journalist as competent, humane, kind and polite.

Pedro was born in Musamides (GO), a city located 156 km from Goiania. He graduated in journalism from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and was also a veterinarian.