June 23, 2024

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The LinkFace earphone helps prevent otitis externa.  This is because it was developed to allow for greater air circulation.  Image: advertising

Health is the focus of CES, the world’s largest tech event, which resumes its personalized version

LAS VEGAS – The world’s largest tech event, CES, kicks off Wednesday in Las Vegas, with the healthcare industry at the center of discussions and technology innovations.

Although 200 companies have canceled their physical presence in the exhibition due to the progress of micron variableA large part of the 2,200 participating companies, including start-ups and companies, are preparing unprecedented solutions in various sectors, such as disease diagnosis and digital therapies, in addition to monitoring different parts of the human body and the level of air pollution.

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Last year, CES was only held by default due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this year’s edition, to ensure physical performance, care was doubled, with free tests to detect the virus distributed among participants, the use of masks, alcohol and physical distance.

The topic will also share space with 5G, space technology, and connected cars, among other topics.

– The pandemic has spurred rapid innovation by digital healthcare companies around the world, which continue to search for ways to make life safer – summarizes Gary Shapiro, president of the CTA, companies organizing the event.

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Thus, the applications and products such as rings, bracelets and mattresses to be offered rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow “people to take control of their health with technology,” assures Robert Ford, head of Abbott Lab.

Breathing developed the Bulo, a device that measures lung health. When you inhale and exhale from the mouthpiece, the information is transmitted to an application that provides individual breathing exercises.

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Opteev has developed ViraWarn, a device that promises the ability to detect Covid-19 and influenza viruses. According to the company, the biosensors are capable of detecting viruses through a combination of artificial intelligence patterns and proprietary algorithms.

But there are options for all kinds of “problems” that are not necessarily related to Covid-19. Innovision is a startup accelerated by Samsung that helps detect strabismus in children. The sensor, which is monitored via the application, in addition to the toys in the bed, begins to assess possible suspicious symptoms of strabismus and monitors the state of development of children’s visual ability.

The app monitors elderly diapers

With artificial intelligence, Monit offers a diaper solution for seniors that helps prevent urinary tract infections due to incontinence and even rashes and dermatitis.
With artificial intelligence, Monit offers a diaper solution for seniors that helps prevent urinary tract infections due to incontinence and even rashes and dermatitis.

Monit already offers an AI solution in elderly diapers that helps prevent urinary tract infections from incontinence and even rashes and dermatitis. An array of five sensors in the diaper uses algorithms to suggest changing times.

Ear infection problems? Linkface has developed a headset that helps prevent external ear infections. That’s because the phone was developed to allow more air circulation (with a small magnetic fan). The device also features a hygrometer and a noise reduction system with sensors and a microled.

Sensing loops are on the rise, too. Circular allows your ring to provide activity and sleep suggestions to improve health based on heart rate, oxygen saturation level, respiratory rate, temperature, and movement.

– Many wearables are not suitable for real needs, as users receive raw data and do not know how to use it. That’s why we created a product that allows you to make smart recommendations for a healthier everyday life,” said Amaury Kosman, President of Circular.

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Clean and healthy environment

For those struggling with stress, one of the news to be introduced is Shift, by FluxWear. Covering up, the nervous system promises to calm the most stressed and anxious people through magnetic stimulation in brain networks.

“The goal is to make the benefits of meditation more accessible and help those who struggle with anxiety,” said Kamran Ansari, co-founder of FluxWear.

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On the other hand, Atmofizer Air Purification has created a technology that agglomerates viruses and bacteria into ultra-fine particles – using ultrasonic sound waves – to then attack targets with ultraviolet light. The promise is to leave a clean and healthy environment.

“The air we breathe has never been on our minds as it is today. The danger in the air is a grave one that extends far beyond Covid-19 – explained Atmofizer’s president, Olivier Centner.

There are even apps like Vivoo, which “read” urine test strips from a cell phone’s camera. With this, it is possible to track hydration, pH level, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and salt consumption. This is possible through image processing, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

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