June 21, 2024

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Health Minister: We will have to impose a certain level of restrictions on activities |  Pernambuco

Health Minister: We will have to impose a certain level of restrictions on activities | Pernambuco

Every time we have a severe overload in the system, as we are facing now, we have to make an effort. […] We will have to do some level of activity restriction. Most likely we will announce [nos próximos dias], especially social activities,” said Longo (See the video above).

The statement came the next day to confirm the state The first 31 cases of people with double infection from Covid-19 and influenza, Nicknamed “Fluoron” (Union of the terms “influenza” from influenza with “rona” from coronavirus) in the international press. The term does not refer to a new type of disease, but rather a simplified way of indicating that the concurrent contamination has occurred.

6,392 cases of influenza A have already been recorded in Pernambuco, with 38 deaths, but the secretary said that this number is an underestimate, as it refers to the results of tests conducted by the central laboratory (Lacen) of the state.

“In a pandemic, it’s always like this: You can’t test everyone. Practically speaking, that’s a small fraction of the people with H3N2 influenza that we detect, are those who test positive. […] The number of people infected with H3N2 influenza is much higher than this“, He said.

The highest number of patients hospitalized in a single day in the past three weeks was on Wednesday (5), with 196 admissions. Furthermore, an increase in bed occupancy was observed for patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome.

As flu and covid cases increase, health department revises juvenile protocol

Although no details were provided about the potential new restrictions, the minister said the protocol for the juvenile sector is under review (See the video above). Currently allowing the state Parties up to 7.5 thousand people or 80% of the site capacity whichever is less in addition to immunizing 100% of the audience.

“We are currently studying with the team and should soon announce the new protocol for these major events. We believe that in the next week, this new protocol should come to an end with some changes that we think are important to this protocol. A moment it may or may not be valid for February and March “.

As for the carnival, Andre Longo stressed that a decision should be made only in the second half of January, depending on the epidemiological scenario of the coming days and a series of factors that must be discussed, such as the possibility of suspending the holiday and licensing. Or not for noisy cabins, even without a street party.

The city halls of Olinda and Jaboatão dos Guararapes already Announcing the cancellation of street celebrations The two cities. the Recife also commented on the street partyBut he said he was still making a decision about the association rallies.

Body aches, fever and a lot of coughing are some of the symptoms of those who sought care in the city’s health units – Photo: Engage/TV Globo

Governor Paulo Camara (PSB) summoned mayors from across the state to a remote meeting on Friday (7). The reason is the spread of the influenza epidemic associated with the Covid epidemic.

The Minister of Health indicated that municipalities need to move to serve the population, especially mild cases of the two diseases, so as not to burden the state system.

“Within 15 days, we received a large influx of patients in our emergency care units. […] Today we are meeting with all the mayors, and we are asking for support now. Longo declared that the municipalities need state assistance so that state units are not overloaded, which should be left in serious cases requiring hospitalization. ”

In addition to opening 378 beds for patients with respiratory symptoms since Dec. 24 in existing units, the country has made an effort to strengthen the teams of health units and also Atende em Casa, a platform for remote care of people, the secretary said. With flu-like symptoms.

“Alpha is growing, Brits de Albuquerque will grow. Consequently, other hospitals will seek to expand within their spaces so that we have a greater capacity to solve these hospitalization cases,” he said.

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