September 23, 2023

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Health Plan: Find out how to request portability and how to find out which is most beneficial |  Economie

Health Plan: Find out how to request portability and how to find out which is most beneficial | Economie

According to the agency, If they understand that their health plan is not serving them adequately, policyholders can choose whether to transfer grace periods to another operator..

To request the replacement, the customer must have had a health plan for at least two years. In addition, the contract must have been signed after 1999, or adapted to the Health Plans Act, which regulated the service in the state that year.

Check out the main rules for portability:

How do I request portability?

The first step is to enter ANS Guide to Health Plans. There, you can refer to the rates and create a parity report for the plan. With the data in hand, the recipient has a five-day period to comply with the operators’ suggestions, as the information changes frequently.

After contacting the new company, there is a period of up to Ten days for the operator to analyze the request. If no response is given, the transfer will be considered completed. Since then, the client It will be five days To cancel the old plan.

according to ANSTransferability is free of charge and there is no need to explain the reason for the exchange.

What will I need to make the switch?

To perform traditional portability (where the order comes from the customer), you must:

  • Only switching to a plan from . is allowed same price range from your current one;
  • The exception is in special portability (when the operator declares bankruptcy).
  • Operators are not allowed to choose customers According to the risk factorsuch as age or pre-existing disease;
  • All companies are indicated by ANS Guide to Health Plans You must accept New customers, even if it’s on a different type of plan, like an individual to group plan.

Will I need to complete the grace period again?

no. The fulfilled needs are transferred to the new plan. If the new insurance requires grace periods that the beneficiary has not met, they can only be accepted.

What is the difference between private and traditional portability?

The special only happens when the carrier goes out of business. In this case, there are no restrictions on changing the plan, because the customer leaves the operator due to the restrictions of the company itself.

The ANS The following channels are provided for complaints about violations and service difficulties:

  • communicate ANS: 0800701 9656
  • call us:
  • Hearing impaired service center: 0800 021 2105