December 11, 2023

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How many Argentines are stranded abroad?

Because it was put into practice New income control Expiry date of the Demand and Emergency Order from overseas until July 9 in Argentina, 7,200 can return to Argentina. This is what allows the 600 revenue allocation imposed by the government to come to the country of delta diversity in this way with the argument Corona virus And other strains of the virus. With an income limit of 7,200,How many Argentines will suffer Unable to return to the country during the period they predicted?

The statistics vary. This Tuesday, the Directorate of Migration of the Ministry of Interior distributed a schedule All the passengers who flew from Essex are listed Did not return to the country in the last month and during that period. It appears they left Argentina from May 28 to June 28 44.242 Citizens.

Table with official data, 60% of this total –26,528 people– They announced that they were flying for tourism, and 15% -6840 passengers- said they were leaving the country for work reasons. The remaining 25% reported traveling for “study”, “moving”, “residential” or “other reasons”.

However, these figures take on another dimension when it is considered –As Clarence revealed Friday Last-, In the last 120 days, 107,000 Argentines have fled the country, And 42% declared departure for “tourism,” with about 45,000 passengers returning from Essex, taking into account those who traveled on foot.

Commenting on the number, Florencia Karignano, head of the National Directorate of Migration, said, “In fact, about 45,000 Argentines have just announced their departure for tourism in the last four months,” and “they did not survive.”

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The official explained last month in a newsletter about the relocation, according to data from an agency affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior. About 26,000 Argentines left the country for tourism purposes, Of which 10 thousand did so last week.

According to the reference Clarian Friday, the 107,000th most visited destination in the last four months United States, Received 28,744 passengers with Argentine passports, and 27,498 arrivals from Essex Airport, Spain. These figures include Uruguay (5,953), Chile (5,469), France (5,041), Panama (4,701), Holland (4,530), Paraguay (4,184), Brazil (3,408) and Colombia (3,392). 10 countries selected.

The rest of the passengers went to Mexico, Germany, Bolivia, Peru, Turkey, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Ecuador, Cuba and other places with very little circulation of Argentina.

An informal estimate that has been circulating for months at the Foreign Ministry indicates that about one million Argentines live outside the country. This account arises from data provided by embassies last year, where every diplomatic representative wrote to people who wanted to return after the borders were closed and flights were canceled due to the Govt.

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Due to the number of flights, only 3% of the passengers who arrived before the epidemic entered the country