May 25, 2024

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Human values ​​and a focus on innovation make the difference in 50 years of Unimed VTRP - GAZ - News from Santa Cruz do Sul and the region

Human values ​​and a focus on innovation make the difference in 50 years of Unimed VTRP – GAZ – News from Santa Cruz do Sul and the region

The 50-year itinerary of Unimed Vales do Taquari and Rio Pardo in the region was on the agenda at Café Empresarial Online, held on the morning of Tuesday 14th. The meeting was broadcast on the entity’s YouTube and Facebook platforms. Invited to the event, Unimed President Neori Gusson was invited to share information about the process of managing a cooperative, the many challenges it has faced throughout history and how the organization is preparing for the future, with strong investments in innovation and a focus on human values.

The virtual chat was conducted by IAC President Gabriel Haas de Borba and Vice President Cesar Chinato. Empresarial Café is sponsored by the Far South Regional Development Bank (BRDE), the University of Santa Cruz (UNISC) and Gazeta Telecom Group.

With 240,000 customers, Unimed VRP is a reference in the health field in the state. The management, guided by quality in customer service, bears the imprint of a pioneering spirit. The Medical Cooperative was the first operator in the sector to provide online consultations in the region, even before the outbreak of the pandemic. In 1992, when few companies talked about quality management, Unimed already realized that this was the way to prepare for the future, anticipating the context of the market.

According to Nyori Joseon, at this time UNAMID was convinced that prevention was important. “More than treating disease, working on prevention was a way to improve outcomes and ensure more humane care for patients,” he says. In 2012 the big turning point came, when the co-op began investing heavily in the concept of creating healthy habits, encouraging not only disease prevention, but quality of life.

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The entire collaborative management process is based on quality, which requires continuous improvement and improvement. Internal behavior already in the team, which often anticipates the audit process, seeks to correct possible errors. Always re-learning for continuous improvement. To ensure this level of customer satisfaction, Unimed has invested in building a large service platform, the pillar of which is the integration of the various actors in the process: doctors, hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Work to manage, monitor and analyze data to provide better solutions for all stakeholders.


Predicting the future is a business that requires planning. Going beyond the market one step further ensures Unimed VTRP is facing the challenge of the pandemic in a more prepared way. The co-op president recalls that investments in technology for online counseling, which were already underway, made it very easy to adapt to the constraints of social isolation. “We were able to adapt more quickly and a hypothetical shift could have been provided with 40 doctors during the pandemic,” Joseon highlights.

Currently, Unimed VTRP is following the development of technology and is already preparing for new “leaps” in the region. Initiatives such as Vaibee – the Innovation Center opened in 2020, which seeks ideas and projects to develop the ecosystem focused on the health sector – is one that reflects the collaborative entrepreneurial spirit.

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