May 24, 2024

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"I can help my father"

“I can help my father”

“God willing, one day I can help my father because he’s always been supportive of me,” says 20-year-old Diego dos Santos, of Vandarle Heredio in the Southeastern region of Piero Santo Antonio. Juice de Fora .. Beginning in August of this year, the young man is preparing to play physical education and physiotherapy and field soccer at Allen Community College in Kansas State University in the United States after graduating and winning a scholarship. – For college development.

“I have no words to describe it, the penny has not sunk yet. It’s a great feeling and I hope to build my future in the United States. I did not think I would play abroad so soon, I thought I would start playing in Brazil. But next time I got the chance, I decided to take the risk, everything works.” Thiago, who acts as the second steering wheel, laughed.

Diego performed at the Charles Oliveira Stadium in Santa Teresinha (Photo: Rise of Media)

Revealed by Potafoquinho from Juiz de Fora, the athlete went on to a scholarship at the age of 9, to the Club Palm Pastor (CBP), where he was until he was 17 years old. His father, who worked in the club’s canteen, led the boy to football and work. “My relationship with the club is very good and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work here. I was very happy when Bom Pastor opened the doors to my son because it was his dream to train there. At the time, I was very grateful that he was included in this list of athletes,” he said. Wonderly.

Having worked on the field and in futsal for CBP for more than seven years, the boy has played in several domestic championships and some editions of the Bahamas City Hall Cup, and his coach Sergio Moraes is guaranteed to be essential to his growth. Style.

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“It is very good to remember when this boy came here and at the request of his father who works in the club, we were able to give him opportunities. When Thiago came to thank me, the main thing for me was to be able to see gratitude. The first thing I did when I got the news was to say to Diego, ‘I’m happy,’ “Pompeii’s coach Moraes assures.

The Road to America

Diego is still looking for evidence to pay for a trip to the US (Photo: Rise of Media)

At the age of 18, the age of the under-17 division “exploded”, Diego left the club and stopped training for a few months. The athlete says that at the time, he played in some futsal championships at the Juicy de Fora, groups of friends, who know his talent and always invite him. Until an opportunity comes by accident.

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“I posted on Instagram next, they planned the effort, they contacted me the same week. I attended, I played well, and then they called me saying I got recognition,” the young man said visibly.

Next, a sports and educational institution was responsible for sending Diego to the United States. “It’s very exciting, because it’s starting to be a purpose in life for young people, in addition to football, to be better human beings and students.

Sergio says the number of athletes going to the United States has increased dramatically in recent years, and Americans are beginning to notice the characteristics of Brazilians who are different from the football they play there. “North American universities should have the knowledge of the Brazilian player, the cream of football here. The technical quality of our (athletes) is very good where they always use the word ‘skill’ and they are looking for Brazilians to introduce it to the university teams so that football becomes more technical, ”the coach explains.

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Title: Sergio Moraes (left), Diego, Vanderley and Joao Paulo Silva

Kitty raises funds for the trip

With a ticket purchased for the United States in August, Diego continues to train and prepare for learning football and another language, English. In connection with the report, the boy said he would like to focus fully on sports and study when he arrives on North American soil a few months before boarding with his family and friends.

However, Judge Forrano was interested in raising money for travel expenses, such as paperwork, and in a part of college education that was not covered by the scholarship. With this in mind, it was created A Kitty Online To provide financial assistance to the athlete.

Vanderley Heredio, who admits that he will lose his son so much, believes that the absence of the martyr will be rewarded when success comes. “I am very proud because he was a hard working and dedicated son, he believed in his dream and went in search of it with a lot of diligence and now he is able to fulfill his wish,” says the boy’s father.