June 7, 2023

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Ibovespa retreats with more than 2% caution in the US and low ore

Ibovespa retreats with more than 2% caution in the US and is low in ore;  Interbank (BIDI11) fell 10%
Ibovespa. Photo: Pixabay

Oh Ibovespa The U.S. is operating in a sharp fall this afternoon (28) following a pro-sales and global energy crisis. In the commodities market, it also weighs on companies associated with iron ore raw materials.

1:44 p.m., The Ipovespa fell 2.26%, For 111,044 points. By 2021 this index will drop to more than 6%. DollarOn the other hand, it rose 0.87% to R $ 5,434.

A cautious North American trend based on the expectation that the stimulus will be reduced Central Reserve (Fed). We need to increase the yield of the treasuries and reduce the cash flow in the markets.

U.S. government securities hit a three-month high of over 1.5%. With this, it creates increasing fear Interest rateThis puts pressure on companies associated with technology and high growth.

Which is what makes Ipovespa move so much today

  • M too, Cup Cellular strengthens high circulation;
  • Energy crisis Emphasizes global concerns;
  • Iron ore Falls back in China.

Cobom predicts the same amount of adjustment of the cell

Oh Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) This Tuesday, through the minutes of its last meeting, Celik aims to promote a new increase (Basic interest rateS) In September.

After rising 1 percent last week, to 6.25 percent per year, today BC Gopom minutes For the next meeting, “expect another adjustment of the same magnitude”.

At another point, in the current phase of the college cycle, it is under consideration Rise in interest, “Adjustment is fast enough” will ensure that inflation is linked to the target on the relevant horizon and, at the same time, allow the Committee to obtain additional information on the state of the economy.

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“Power has strengthened the message that the consolidation cycle may be longer on the horizon relative to inflation expectations,” commented Chief Economist tore Sanchez Implementing investments. The brokerage predicts that Celik will reach 9.25% at its first meeting in 2022.

The energy crisis is destroying Europe

Europe went one way Energy crisis It recorded the highest natural gas and energy prices. Small businesses in the UK have gone bankrupt in recent days.

We are 12 months, or Natural gas Rose more than 500% on the old continent. This puts more pressure on the barrel Brent type oilAccording to Goldman Sachs, it could reach $ 90.

This process reinforces the idea of ​​a global recession after the resumption of the epidemic and leaves the market on its hind legs.

Here in Brazil, the impact is on fuel prices. Chairman of the Board, Arthur Lira, Looking for an alternative to avoid the new peak, saying “Brazil petrol is almost intolerable at R $ 7”.

Lira also criticized the director Petropras (PETR4), Claudio Mastella, The reason for the rise in prices for the dollar.

The US currency is up about 1.5% against the real year. However, it is noteworthy that the oil from the Brent barrel used by Petropross in particular has already risen by more than 40% and is at its highest level since October 2018.

China’s energy deficit weighs on iron ore

A China’s energy crisis, Led to ration, affecting other items as well. The country’s steelmakers cut steel production, which put pressure on iron ore prices.

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The futures price of ore traded in Singapore fell by 7.4% due to restrictions imposed by the government Steel production. In addition, this month, more than 80 steelmakers stopped production for maintenance, according to consulting firm Mysteel.

The ore, therefore, suspended the rally for five consecutive days, going from US $ 90 to about US $ 120.

The chapter on the energy crisis is devastating Europe It is China To join the expectation of low steel production in the Asian country, it may be extended until at least the end of this year, with restrictions from the Chinese government.

With that, The Shares Vail (VALE3) Almost 4% retreat Today’s trading platform. Usiminas (USIM5) Decreases by almost 6%, at the same time Gertov (GGPR4) 2.5% withdrawal.

The highest Ibovespa

Look at the hike Ibovespa code2:05 pm:

The biggest casualties of Ibovespa

At the same time, huge Ibovespa casualties They are:

Global exchanges

In addition Bowesba code, Check out a quote from the important world codes this afternoon:

The latest Ipovespa quote

Different from Ibovespa today, The stock index ended the last trading session with a high of 0.27% at 113,583.01 points.