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Improve your diet: discover the main fruits rich in vitamin C

Improve your diet: discover the main fruits rich in vitamin C

Learn how to maximize the benefits of healthy eating by eating fruits that contain Vitamin C

Fruits with Vitamin C – Reproduction in Canva

Although it is among the most popular foods, not everyone knows the true benefits of eating from it Fruits with Vitamin C. The good news is that it is easy to find. To prove it, the Casa and Agro Today, October 16, brings the best information on the subject.

In general, everyone faces Fruits with Vitamin C, NS FIron absorption tool for the body. However, fruits that contain this nutrient have many other functions in improving health. And that’s what we’ll find out.

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And in a natural way, the body cannot synthesize such elements as vitamin C. Thus, more than the body needs to function properly, the body eliminates itself in a diuretic manner. For this reason, it is important to eat this type of fruit on a daily basis.

The main benefits of fruits with vitamin C

First, taking this type of vitamin enhances the iron absorption function in the body. But there are other potential benefits from ingestion. Among them is improving bone strength. That’s because the vitamin is responsible for collagen production. With this, the teeth and tendons are also strengthened.

For beauty, this nutrient is also very important. After all, eating fruit along with vitamin C also helps lighten skin blemishes. In addition, regular consumption also brings radiance to the skin. This is one reason why nutrients are being widely explored in beauty products.

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Another advantage of taking vitamin C is the fight against premature aging. Foods containing this element fight cell oxidation, which is one of the reasons for accelerating aging.

Also, fruits that contain vitamin C are able to prevent vision problems. This happens because the vitamin helps prevent the macula from deteriorating. Finally, the function of strengthening the immune system has also been extensively explored.

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Main fruits contain vitamin C

Among the main foods containing vitamin C, some fruits are highlighted. In fact, many of them have higher potential than the orange, which is one of the largest representatives of this class.

Acerola, for example, contains about 1677 mg of vitamin C, which is 23 times more than an orange. In addition, kiwi fruit is also a rich source of this vitamin. In this case, the incidence can reach 167 milligrams.

Finally, although the list is much longer, guava is another good representative of Fruits with Vitamin C. Thus, it is worth adding it to the daily menu, in addition to other fruits that are sources of the same vitamin.

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