May 26, 2024

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In Caracas, 166 voluntary charities called on communities affected by the clashes between criminal gangs and Maduro forces to “avoid a massacre”.

Police officers in full operation in Caracas (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

166 Venezuelan NGOs asked this Friday “Prevent a massacre in communities“From Caracas”Suffers from violence”And the scene, over two days, in Frequent shootings between criminal gangs and police forces Without, now, there is a balance of death or injury.

We demand that the lives of the people be made a priority and that massacres be avoided in communities affected by violence. We call on the support of international, national, local and social organizations to ensure the life and integrity of the population. ”

They show their solidarity in their messages, “with all the families who lost their children in this new armed conflict, and especially with the families of the police officers who lost their lives in these operations.”

We require follow-up and repair procedures to deal with these losses”, They underlined.

Similarly, they have their “Deeply concerned about the lives and safety of its citizens, it urged the authorities to take urgent action and long-term policies “in the face of these recent events”.”.

Clashes against criminal gangs in Caracas

They think, “The government must comply International obligations In matters relating to the protection of citizens, in matters relating to the protection and guarantee of the human rights of the public ”.

The organizations believe that “strong hand” policies such as the Liberation Action Movement (OLP) have only claimed hundreds of lives and that the coalition between the criminal organizations alone has strengthened these gangs in response to the attack announced by the authorities. Organization, members and weapons ”.

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Facing what they consider to be the “failure” of these policies, they “To develop harm reduction strategies that include short, medium and long-term phased approaches that reduce conditions that affect the most basic rights of citizens.”.

For all this, they ask “The demand of communities for a ceasefire and the use of proportional and diverse force against people who have committed crimes”.

Finally, they highlight it ”The urban violence event led to the emergence of an internal displacement phenomenon, “Families wanting to escape from inter-gang conflicts”“, Between them and the police or activists”Made using blind power”.

Activists in Caracas
Activists in Caracas

This has led to the fact that it is located in different parts of Caracas.Abandonment of houses, desperate sale at low prices, which will affect the increase in poverty indicators in the country”.

The series of shootings between criminal gangs and police has been going on in West Caracas since Wednesday, making the announcement of a major operation announced by Interior Minister Carmen Melandes.

So far, the final existence of the operation is unknown, although police forces have released pictures and videos showing how the agents reached the highest points in the neighboring countries and demolished checkpoints set up by the groups.

Since noon this Friday, the shooting has been gradually stopped, yet dozens of people have been forced to flee their homes for fear of being reproduced.

(With information from EFE)

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