May 25, 2024

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In keeping with the climate, older women over 80 are attacking Magna Carta in the United Kingdom

In keeping with the climate, older women over 80 are attacking Magna Carta in the United Kingdom

A copy of the historical document kept in the British Library in London was left intact. The duo work for an organization that promotes similar actions to protest our dependence on fossil fuels. This Friday (10/05) two climate activists in their 80s, armed with a hammer and a chisel. Magna Carta in the British Library, London.

Both were arrested, police said

Photo: DW / Deutsche Welle

The historic document from 1215 is considered the foundation of English independence and is regarded as one of the world’s most important as an essential precursor to modern democracy, justice and the rule of law. It was the first text to define that the king and his government were not above the law.

The action of the two elderly women lasted only a few seconds before they were stopped by the library staff. The glass was slightly damaged, but the document was intact.

Sue Parfitt, an 82-year-old Anglican priest, and retired teacher Judy Bruce, 85, hammered the glass box and then stuck themselves inside, environmental group Just Stop Oil said.

They also held a placard saying “Government violates the law”.

What the enthusiasts are saying

Both work for Just Stop Oil, which opposes dependence on fossil fuels and promotes environmental awareness. The Climate Action Group has targeted several high-profile events and artifacts in the UK.

In a statement released by the committee, Parfitt said Magna Carta was “a proper respect for our history, our liberties and our laws, and of great importance.” But, according to her, “If we allow the climate crisis, “no freedom, no legitimacy, no rights” will become a disaster.

London’s Metropolitan Police say they have arrested two elderly women. The Treasures Gallery, where the item is on display, is temporarily closed.

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Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster and produces independent journalism in 30 languages.

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