May 30, 2024

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In Pedrocao, Brazil dominate Uruguay and win third place in a row in qualifying |  Basketball

In Pedrocao, Brazil dominate Uruguay and win third place in a row in qualifying | Basketball

Brazil beat Uruguay on Friday night, in Pedrocao, in Franca (SP), 85 to 66, in its third valid match for the Basketball World Cup qualifiers, which will be held in 2023 at the headquarters of the trio – Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. .

This was coach Gustavo de Conte’s third match with the Brazilian national team, and his first on national soil. The captain is 100% successful, and the yellow-green team leads the second group of the American qualifiers with three victories, followed by Uruguay, who scored two victories and suffered their first defeat in the qualifiers on Friday.

The top scorers against Franca, who once again hosted an official match for the decider after nearly four decades, were goalkeeper Vitor Bennett and winger Leo Mendel, both with 13 points. Point Guard Yago also stood out, with 11 points and seven assists. In Uruguay, Luciano Parodi, ex-Franca and Corinthians each got 12 points.

Brazil goalkeeper Vitor Bennett was one of the top scorers in the match with 13 points – Photo: Disclosure / FIBA ​​Americas

Gustavo de Conte’s side will play again on Monday, again in Pedrocão, but this time against Colombia, down an arc. Departure will be at 20:00.

But the one who started very well was another ex-Franca player, only from Uruguay, goalkeeper Luciano Parodi. Despite the superiority of defenses over attacks in the first quarter, Baroudi led the heavenly team offensively and scored ten points out of the team’s 14 points. Brazil also had 14 points, but they always competed in attack, with only 33% of hits in the two-point hits.

The Brazilians managed to hit the offensive sector by accelerating the defense across the field. In the jump game, A Seleção managed to open the lead, highlighting a superb counter-attack initiated by Leo Mendel and finished with a dunking of Lucas Dias, two minutes from the end. Once again, in the lane, the highlight was Lucão, with two blocks that turned into counterattacks. In this way, the green and yellow team finished the first half ahead: 37 to 31.

Franca goalkeeper Jorginho got 9 points, 4 rebounds and made 2 against Uruguay – Photo: Marcos Lemonti

The Brazilian team improved its scores further and limited the Celestial Team to 11 points in this period. With Rafa Mineiro, Heichheimer, Lucas Dias, Lucao and Jorginho, the tallest quintet, Brazil made it even more difficult for Uruguay and hit Parodi, who scored a zero in the third quarter. From the defense, the attack took off. Even with 29% of shots from three, the team made up for it in offensive rebounds and extended its lead: 55 to 43.

The last period strengthened the Brazilian leadership and coach Gustavinho took advantage of the opportunity to rotate the entire team, adding Elenio and Joey Deodato, who had not played until then on Friday. Leo Mendel, Benetti and Iago shared the score in a powerful team attack match. With no chance of getting to the hosts on the scoreboard, Uruguay slowed down in the final minutes, as did Brazil, who took their third win in the competition and sent the rankings to the second stage of qualifying.