May 26, 2024

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Indrik draws, Palmeiras wins Ariquemes-RO 3-0 and qualifies in Copinha

Indrik draws, Palmeiras wins Ariquemes-RO 3-0 and qualifies in Copinha

Palmeiras defeated Real Ariquemis 3-0, with two goals from Ihsas Andric, and qualified for the next Coppenha stage.

This Saturday (08), Palm trees Defeated Real Arquimes Real 3-0, at the Inamar District, in Diadema, in the second round of Group 28 of the Sao Paulo Junior Football Cup. Verdau’s first goal was scored by Vetinho, but the best would have come in the final stage: Endrik scored a superb goal when he hit the half moon at the defender and played over the goalkeeper. Soon, the striker scored his second goal of the match.

The one who also starred was goalkeeper Kaiki. Specialized in executing penalty kicks, Archer Alverde fell into the right corner to defend the team from Rondonia and helped the team out with a win. The result secured Verdão’s rating for the next stage of Copinha.

Palmeiras entered the field completely missing. In addition to Bruno Menezes, Jhow, Kevin and Natan, who have been released to complete professional team activities, Matthews, Lucas Freitas and Pedro Picalo have tested positive for coronavirus. In addition, Daniel and Michel continue to treat injuries.

With the result of Saturday’s match, Verdao reached six points, leading the Copínha group of 28. In the next and final round of the first stage, the team enters the field to face Agua Santa, next Tuesday, at 15:15, in Aldiadema.

the game – Palmeiras’ first chances in the match came from Jonathan’s feet. Taking the remains from the edge of the area, the midfielder finished over the goal. In the sequence the player took advantage of the defender’s hesitation and took the ball and took it from the goalkeeper but sent it to the left of the goal.

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In the 37th minute of the opening stage, Verdau opened the scoring for Diadema. Gabriel Silva fired on Luis Guilherme from the left, and found striker Vitinho who projected the defender inside the area and sent it into the net.

In the second half, Gabriel Silva almost scored a wonderful goal after lining up the opponents, but he ended the match poorly in the hands of the goalkeeper. In the next step, Ian dropped the Real Ariquemes striker inside the area, awarding the referee a penalty kick. In the attack, Juninho hit the right corner, and Kaiki flew to the defense.

In the 36th minute, Endrick, who had entered the break, did part of the work. He passed one defender, shot one half-moon on another and played left over the goalkeeper. Ten minutes later, the striker controlled the area, brought it to the left and shot it to score his fourth goal in Kupina.