June 21, 2024

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Inter could be hurt by the attitude of fans at GreNal 435

After throwing stones at the bus from Syndicate, who took Villasante to the hospital, spoke the deputy governor of Republika Srpska. According to the director, it could be greNal 435 that will be rescheduled, can be played without an audience.

Villasante gets discharged after his attack at Greenal 435

Deputy Governor of Republika Srpska announces two arrests for attack on GreNal 435

Gaucho Football Association postpones classic GreNal 435

Watch the exact moment the stone was thrown at Villasante

“Everything is possible at this moment, you can have one crowd or no crowd. It is important for us to think, the moment we admit that we are not in a position to do classic football with both the fans or with the fans, We seem to admit we’ve hit rock bottom.”Deputy Governor Ranulfo Vieira Jr. said.

Punishment is the least expected for this incident. However, it is hard to believe that more severe penalties could be imposed on international. Well, the truth happened outside the stadium, that is, it is the responsibility of public safety.

However, to avoid further problems with GreNal 435, which will be rescheduled, playing without an audience seems to be the best idea. Well, he will avoid any hint of confusion.

Inter could be hurt by the attitude of fans at GreNal 435

Grêmio will at least have the advantage of playing GreNal 435 without rival crowds, to squeeze him in. It will be a proper compensation for the damages caused by that attack.

However, what is also expected is the identification of the culprits. Because they cannot escape punishment after endangering the lives of others.

But at least two suspects have already been arrested. Now, it remains to determine the rest of those involved. Well, maybe it wasn’t just two who did all that damage to Grêmio’s bus and hit the guys.

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