June 23, 2024

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Internacional vs Colo-Colo Live (0-0) | 07/05/2022

The Colo Colo coach held a pre-match press conference on Monday and talked about some important points: “We will try to play a game in which we must keep our goal at zero, and take advantage of the opportunities and open spaces. . We have to play a smart game that is in our favor in the game and we can maintain the advantage we gained in Santiago. As the minutes go by, there are more situations and spaces for us to enjoy. We have to be precise and face what the opponent is doing, as well as take advantage of our chances”, said the Chilean captain.

“Everything will depend on the business we are talking about. If we play the way we know we can be a very competitive team. We will face an opponent who will go out looking for results so we can take advantage of the spaces that he can leave.”

“We have to convince them that the match is 0-0, and that it is a new game. We have to draw or win, keep our goal zero and not stop thinking about the opponent’s goal. If we have options to attack, we have to do that and finish the move, taking advantage of the opponent’s lack of it.” He added that There will definitely be these choices that provoke them and succeed in the transformation.

”The theme of the stage should be motivation, not pressure. Going to such a beautiful stadium, with so many people, should be fun. We have to play at our best to face a great team. Surely, from the beginning, he will attack us. Our players must be motivated and focused.”

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“It is a game that you have to give a lot of value. A year and a half ago, we came from a difficult season and formed a very competitive team that fights at the top, and today it has the potential to go forward in the Copa Sudamericana. . to go forward and give that joy to the people. I hope we can achieve it,” he said.

“Our team played many good games in the Copa Libertadores, one of which was in Fortaleza. We were solid in defense and effective up front. In Peru we played well, but we didn’t perform well. In the last two we went down with a few players. The experience is that we played well. Good in Libertadores and we played well against Inter in Santiago. We have to come into the conviction that we are doing what we know how to do, focus on every detail and know that we are playing a decisive match.”