May 30, 2024

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Israel sends strong warning to Hamas terrorists: “Patience is exhausted”

Israel’s new Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett (Bir Sultan / Pool via REUTERS)

The Palestinian terrorist group Israel warned Hamas on Sunday that its patience was “exhausted” and would not tolerate any “more violence”, a month after the end of the last military expansion between the parties.

“People living in communities on the border with Gaza are not second-class citizens, they deserve to live in peace and security.” Pointed to the new Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett In areas where rockets were fully launched by Hamas, an extremist movement that maintains control of the Palestinian base.

“Our enemies must understand the rules, we will not tolerate violence, we will not tolerate occasional fire, we will not tolerate traitors.”This is Bennett’s first official participation since taking office as prime minister on June 13 at a ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem to commemorate Israeli soldiers who fell in the 2014 war with Gaza.

The head of government promised to do everything possible to recover the bodies of Israeli soldiers. Oron Shawl Y Hather Goldin, Who died in the 2014 campaign, as well as Israeli prisoners returning home Avera Mengistu e Hisham Al Saeed, Which has since been detained in the strip, is one of the conditions that Israel has placed on Hamas to advance talks to escalate the fighting that reached May 21, which put an end to the recent conflict.

Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to fire balloons fired from Gaza (REUTERS / Mohammed Salem)
Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to launching fire balloons from Gaza (REUTERS / Mohammed Salem)

This new eleven-day war between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants in Gaza is the worst since the 2014 war, resulting in the deaths of 255 people and 13 in Israel, and the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis is increasingly tense in both Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

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Bennett addressed the two million Kazans living in the Strip and pledged to do so It states that “there is no intention to harm those who have not risen up against us by violence and have been captured by a violent and ruthless terrorist organization.”

Bennett’s comments came just days after Israel launched airstrikes on Hamas military targets in the early hours of May 16 and 17 in response to the launch of three days of fire balloons on Israeli soil from the Gaza Strip, causing dozens of minor fires.

Bennett, a former immigration leader and religious ultra-nationalist who has defended the annexation of Palestinian territories in the past, has moderated his speech by appealing for national unity and peaceful coexistence of Arabs and Jews since taking office on the 13th. Call. Two years after its leadership of the “Transitional Government”, its coalition partner, secular centurion Yair Lapid, will support the resumption of the peace process.

Israel’s operation has focused more precisely on the military installations of al-Qassam forces, the armed wing of the Islamic movement that has ruled Gaza since 2007. Without causing casualties, as confirmed by Israeli military and Hamas security sources.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for any attacks from the Gaza Strip (REUTERS / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa).
Israel holds Hamas responsible for any attacks from the Gaza Strip (REUTERS / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa).

We are ready for any situation, including the resumption of hostilities if terrorist activities continue in the Gaza Strip”, The military pointed out in a statement.

Palestinian activists and Hamas sympathizers demonstrated in several cities and fired balloons at the border with Israel. A small fire accident occurs, Protesting against the celebration “Parade of flags”, An Israeli radical nationalist march through Jerusalem, passing through the occupied eastern region and hearing cries of“ death for the Arabs ”.

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This new chapter of tension represents a challenge to the new Bennett government.

A senior Hamas terrorist official was detained by Israeli security forces in early June In Ramallah.

Shake Jamal al-Thawil, A senior Hamas official in Judea and Samaria, was arrested in Ramallah Joint Intelligence and Operational Affairs of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the “Two Days” Division of the Israel Defense Forces.

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