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"It will take 4 or 5 years to start winning titles"

“It will take 4 or 5 years to start winning titles”

Asprilla, formerly of Palmeiras, gave memorable performances for Newcastle between 1995 and 1997 in Premier League and on Champions

This Thursday, the rich Newcastle visit Liverpoolat 5 p.m. (GMT), at Anfield, in a duel for round 17 of Premier League. The match will have broadcast live across the ESPN number star +.

One of the most symbolic matches between these teams in the history of English football took place in the 1996/97 season, when the two clubs, who were vying for the English title, owned two great clubs and had an unforgettable duel with seven goals, which ended with a victory reds In the second half additions.

One of the highlights of this match was the striker Faustino Asprilla, Previous-Palm trees e Fluminense, who played for two years for magpie bird He is currently a commentator on the sports group’s channels Disney in Colombia.

In an interview with remembered the legendary match, which had many twists and turns. Liverpool made it 3-0 in the first half, but after the break, Newcastle sought a 3-3 lead, with a goal from the Colombian. In additions, however, Robbie Fowler gave victory to redsand, as a result, ended up hurting Alvenegro in the search for the address.

“We played two great games against Liverpool that season, the most famous of which was our 4-3 loss at Anfield. Unfortunately, that match played a key role in losing the title to Manchester United in the long run. Being vices,” the former player who stopped his boots year 2004.

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Asprilla continued, “We were looking for a 3-3, which gave us a valuable point, but we took the goal in the last second. That missed point hurt us a lot in the fight for the championship.” A painful defeat, with fond memories of the big confrontation against the giants of Anfield.

“These matches were some of the most beautiful matches I played in my career. People always remember him from my time in England. It was very similar to the matches I played with Palmeiras against Corinthians, employment Editors 2000. Two great games, with a lot of originality and flexible results,” he recalls.

Despite not being a hero, the Colombian striker is still remembered with great affection in Newcastle for his remarkable time at the club, for which he was even famous. hat trick above the titans Barcelona, in a duel for Champions League.

“I was in Parma, from Italy, and I went to Newcastle in 1995/96 because the coach wanted me to Premier League. I was in a great moment because we won so many important titles in Italy. But it was important for me to make this move Premier LeagueWhich already showed at the time that it would be the best league in the world.”

“When I arrived, I saw that it was a completely different league than the Italian one. I played for about two years in the great Newcastle team. We had great players and we fought for all the titles. It was not like Newcastle now,” he said.

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“We came to lead the competition, but in the last five games we lost a game at home, Manchester United kicked off and we lost the title in the last rounds. It was a shame, because we have players of the best level like David Ginola, Peter Beardsley, Philip Albert, David Bate and Alan Shearer. …just big, high-ranking men.”

And just as Newcastle fans keep fond memories of Asprilla, the Colombian also has kind words for fans of Asprilla. magpie bird.

“The Newcastle fans are impressive. They always watch the matches at home and fill the stadium. In the away matches, they also send in a lot of fans. It is a crowd that deserves a team fighting for trophies. I have never seen the stadium (St James’ Park) empty because all tickets are always sold out.”



Former Colombian player Faustino Asprilla guest-starred on Resenha Friday, 10 p.m. (GMT), on ESPN Brasil and the ESPN app

“Newcastle cannot become an Arab team”

Recently, Newcastle, which had been in poor shape for several years, became one of the richest teams in the world after being bought out by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

As the star of the squad, Asprillla hopes the club will become a force in English football, with big white-cloak deals arriving in the upcoming transfer windows.

However, he urges managers to be wise with engagements, and choose prime athletes over veterans looking to bolster their egg before retirement.

“They need to find a good coach and convince good players to play for the club. It won’t be fast. I think it will take four or five years for Newcastle to start thinking about the big trophies,” he said.

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“The board has to choose well the players it will hire. It should be the athletes who come not just for their performance, but to compete and win. Newcastle cannot become a team from the ‘Arab world’, the ones the players will bring to Qatar, Arabia or China to end his career just for the money.”

“If that was the case, it wouldn’t work in Premier League. The players need to be convinced to beat Newcastle on the shirt more than money.”

Asprilla points out, however, that even with Newcastle’s coffers now contained, that doesn’t mean titles will come easily.

“In the Premier League, even small clubs are strong and can spend a lot of money. That is why they have grown so much, that is why small teams can attract good players from other countries. They can bring the best players in the world with exceptional salaries and it will be impossible to compete with them in the next 20 years. (He laughs) “.