July 19, 2024

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“I’ve seen repentant inpatients”

“I’ve seen repentant inpatients”

Photo: Reproduction / CNN Brazil

I drew the attention of the Internet user to the interview published in the newspaper O Globo with cardiologist Ludmila Hajjar, who has become one of the most experienced doctors in the treatment of Covid-19 in the country.

She has previously published 31 scientific articles in international journals on infection and has treated more than a thousand infected people in all stages of the disease.

“I assure you that we are dealing with a new virus, highly mutated, which may still bring us surprises. Influenza, in addition to being well known, changes much more slowly. This uncertainty reinforces the importance of vaccination.”

(Between the vaccinated micron patient and the unvaccinated or incomplete course) “Brutal. Currently only intensive care units with Covid cases among the unvaccinated. Those who are vaccinated hardly ever go beyond outpatient care.”

“As an intensive care professional, I have seen more and more inpatients regret not being vaccinated. They arrive severely from the disease, and they regret it, but it is too late.”

At the rate we’re seeing, within a week, Brazil’s health systems will collapse. The number of casualties will increase further in outpatient settings and there will likely be a shortage of health professionals in the fight.”

Most doctors and nurses have been vaccinated with two doses of CoronaVac and a booster from Pfizer. CoronaVac was very important at first, compared to the lack of others. But it does not protect like others from new variables. ”

“People should follow product guidelines, and of course, healthcare professionals should advise when necessary.”

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“At this moment, with the number of infected people rising, and new variables emerging, and even with the unequal application of vaccines, I am against the abolition of the use of masks, which is a simple, available and effective measure against Covid-19.”

* Sourced from O Globo newspaper and quoted from the Aparte column, with Arimatéa Souza