July 20, 2024

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Jair Bolzano and Joe Biden meet in the United States in June

Jair Bolzano and Joe Biden meet in the United States in June

US Government Joe Biden Raised the possibility of the first bilateral meeting with Jair Bolzano During the US Summit in Los Angeles on June 6-10. To date, the two presidents have only exchanged letters in an ethical tone. Bolzano, supported the election Donald Trump, Took a few days to congratulate him after the Democratic victory. Top US diplomats have warned Idamarti that if Paulsonaro attends the summit, there is a chance for a meeting, which could both be politically exploited. Bolzano will receive an outer blanket, a sign that the US-Brazilian government will not deepen ties with the Russians. Vladimir Putin.

Policy Paulsonaro has yet to hit the hammer on the Los Angeles tour. Idamarati understands that dialogue between presidents can be useful in breaking the ice. The Brazilian and US ambassadors to Brasilia, Washington and California are engaged in preparations.

Internal. However, no one can doubt that Bolzano would hate the crowd for averaging his most loyal voters identified with Trump. The US summit is Biden’s biggest foreign policy event.

Private Identities (by Kleber Sale). Jair Bolzano, President of Brazil, and Joe Biden, President of the United States.

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“Federal Revenue and Central Bank employees’ strikes were triggered by Bolsanaro’s pro-election campaigns by his police bases.”

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He attended a meeting with federal deputy junior Posella, attorney Luis Felipe Cunha and his wife Rosangala Moro.