May 25, 2024

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Johnson apologizes to British Parliament over lockout fine

Johnson apologizes to British Parliament over lockout fine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized in the UK Parliament on Tuesday for facing lawmakers for the first time since being fined by police for violating his own code of conduct. Disabling Of Govt-19, a government official said.

Johnson was fined last week for failing to gather members of different families at home for attending Johnson’s birthday party in June 2020.

Opposition parties have been calling for Johnson’s resignation, accusing him of cheating parliament last year after he told lawmakers on Downing Street – the prime minister’s official residence and workplace – that all rules had been followed.

“When he spoke in Parliament, he spoke of what he believed to be true,” Brandon Lewis, the British minister for Northern Ireland, told Sky News.

“He did not believe at the time that anything he did was against the rules, but he totally agreed that the police saw it and they took a different view.”

After a fine last week, Johnson did not appear to be breaking the rules, but now he has “humbly” accepted it.

The Times newspaper’s JL Partners poll asked nearly 2,000 people to briefly comment on the Prime Minister, with 72% of respondents saying 16% positive and 16% positive. According to the survey, the most commonly used word is “liar”.

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