May 25, 2024

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Keiko Fujimori supporters rally in Lima demanding transparency in vote challenge

Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori

Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori took part in a protest rally in the historic center of Lima this Saturday, marching with thousands of his supporters to confirm the attempted “table fraud”. After the vote he clashed with left-wing Puntaren Castillo.

Fujimori addressed his supporters two hours after his announcement and showed a loud shout from a platform installed in a truck. “Democracy yes, communism, no.”

Despite his supporters shouting “Do not cheat” and “Respect my vote”, he thanked the groups that organized the candidate demonstration of the right-wing Popular Force Party to “ask them to respect their votes.”

“This is the most democratic expression represented by 50% of Peruvians”He said he wanted the goal he used during his election campaign to be “a change, but a change forward”.

From there, he reiterated that his party had been receiving complaints from citizens about “hundreds of irregularities” during the polls since last Monday, and that was why his party had put forward more than 800 demands to cancel the vote before the National Arbitration Council. Election (JNE).

Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori
Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori

Party of Fustimori Castillo, Peru Libre did not want to analyze these cancellation claims “because they have a dirty conscience.”

“I have made it clear that I respect the electoral system. I do not insult or intimidate them like my opponents do, but we want a transparent election.” Re-emphasized.

For several days, Fujimori sympathizers have been protesting in front of the home of National Election Arbitration Council (JNE) chairman George Louis Salas, demanding that they call off the cancellation, accuse him of being a “terrorist” and that many banners during today’s march show the body leaning against him. Accused.

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The candidate called on his followers to be “vigilant” and to “never give up” because “this is the best guarantee to protect our democracy, institutions, freedoms, peace and the future of our country”.

When the candidate addressed his supporters, the National Electoral Office (ONPE) updated the turnout last Sunday, with 99.925% of Castillo receiving 49,710 votes more than Fujimori.

Keiko Fujimori supporter shows a Peruvian flag with the phrase "Not for communism"
Keiko Fujimori supporter shows a Peruvian flag with the phrase “No to Communism”.

In terms of valid votes, the Peruvian Liberal Party candidate has so far received 50.141% of the vote and the Fursa Popular Party candidate 49.859%.

A small percentage of votes were processed, but there were still 65 minutes to be counted, which, among other things, allowed JNE to present a material error, challenge or lack of signatures.

However, JNE will not announce the winner of the election until hundreds of requests for the cancellation of the papers have been reviewed, mostly by Fujimori, after denouncing his intention to commit “table fraud” during the polls.

Experts on election issues point out that this process can take one to two weeks, after which the JNE can declare itself the winner of the election.

(With information from EFE)

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