May 29, 2024

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Lasso confirms Haitian presidential security chief used Ecuadorian ID for world tour Politics | News

Ecuadorian President Dmitry Herod has stated that he received the document legally and that the prosecutor’s office should launch an investigation.

Dmitry Heard, Head of Defense for the Assassinated President of Haiti Joanel Moss, Used a Ecuador ID Mobilized around the world, confirmed President Guillermo Lasso In an interview with CNN on July 22nd.

Journalist Fernando del Ringen asked Lasso about Heard’s travels to Quito. According to international investigations to determine the cause of the murder, The security chief of Haiti’s National Palace will travel to Ecuador, Panama and the Dominican Republic are the origin of many of the trips to Colombia Assumptions Mercenaries.

According to investigations, in 2012 Herald Trained Eloy Albero Military Academy. Heard is a suspect in the crime because he and his group did not react when the attacking group entered the palace. What else, United States It investigates the allegations Arms smuggling.

In this connection, Lasso mentions the army Received Ecuadorian ID “legally”. He noted The country is ready to contribute to all investigations To clarify the July 7 Moss massacre.

He added State Attorney General One has to start Former Power Inquiry About the topic. However, he recalled that the company was independent of management and did not specifically speak. Attorney Diana Salazar.

On May 23 this year, a day before Guillermo Lasso took office, he was a Bilateral meeting with the late President.

“We are talking about cooperation issues. Precisely, Ecuador is cooperating with Haiti. Training of Haitian military personnel. (Moss) praised that cooperation, to some extent, we both talked about the political and economic situation in our countries, but I do not remember any special I can highlight. I am so sorry for what happened, it was so amazing and painful, ”he recalled. (I)

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