May 25, 2024

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Lawyer Anaya: “First, the husband does not talk to the woman, then he yells at her, beats her to death, and that’s what happens with democracies.”

The Supreme Court informed the prosecutor that he would face a provocative process to condemn the legislature’s malpractices in re-electing the current president of the Constitutional Chamber.

Building solidarity with the entrenched organization of “Messico” in El Salvador and confronting the high number of female murders; Constitutional lawyer Enrique Anaya understands what happens when a “dictatorial” regime kills a country’s democracy.

“This is the dictatorial manual, in our patriarchal, luxurious society, the husband does not speak to the woman first, then he shouts at her, then he insults her, then he beats her to death, it happens in democracies, like they are dying, they remove it from the inside, against it We have to fight, ”Anaya told a news conference.

Anaya was responding to the approval process announced by the Supreme Court that the same legislature had dismissed him as a result of a challenge he had made in November 2020 against two former judges of the Constitutional Court. Once upon a time it was illegal.

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He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. The ruling party and the legislature; They were cruel to him after the editorial was published, in which the current magistrate questioned the illegal transfer of Oscar Lopez Gerais from the Civil Chamber to the Constitution Room.

“Today’s (Wednesday) article is about the Detonator, the resolution is dated June 5th, although they have already informed me that it has been coming since the beginning of June, they are superiors (officers), so it is sensitive, in the style of a flower magazine,” said Anaya.

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However, he insisted that even intimidating his person would not prevent him from being disqualified from engaging in the legal profession for 3 to 7 years, adding that “they will not silence us.”

Anaya explained that she had 10 days to respond to the decision of the Professional Investigation Division to open a file on “professional misconduct, complete negligence, bad faith and inability to enforce the law” and then another process of evidence and allegations would come. The final stage ends at the Corte Plina.

But he lamented that the door to his admission was open if he knew that only 8 votes were needed to disqualify him in that case and that at least 10 full court judges were “controlled by the administrator”.

At the press conference he was supported by lawyers Xenia Hernandez, the executive director of the Democracy, Transparency and Justice Foundation (DDJ); Jose Marinero, President of DDJ; And Eduardo Escobar, director of Axion Ciudana.

“Not only will they confuse Enrique, they will confuse all citizens, and tomorrow it will confuse health workers, teachers, bus unions, they will confuse all citizens,” Citizen Action Director Eduardo Escobar advised.

Hernandez pointed out how those who think differently from the government from the epidemic are being attacked by the government, trying to silence them.

“Now it is Enrique, but we know that for months they were different people, we already know the cases of teachers who reported bad conditions in schools, sent notes to doctors who reported abuses into the epidemic, it may have gotten worse, every week there are new situations of attacks on freedom of expression, which is the press Freedom, the right to access information is limited every time, it can get worse, there is more police harassment for different people who condemn these abuses, ”Hernandez argued.

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Father Jose Maria Dogeira, director of the UCA’s human rights organization, also posted a message on his Twitter account expressing his solidarity with Anaya.

“Now it is a crime for lawyers to laugh at the president of the Supreme Court. We will have to laugh at the absence of lawyers, especially when he regrets being asked about his relationship with Luis Martinez (former lawyer). Solidarity with lawyer Anaya,” he posted on his Twitter account.