May 29, 2024

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Leopoldo Lopez confirmed that “it is time to resume the struggle in Venezuela as is happening in Cuba.”

Leopoldo Lopez participated in the Valentine Popular press conference via Zoom

Leader of the Opposition in Venezuela Leopoldo Lopez Participated via Zoom in His party’s famous bow press conference after the abduction of his ally Freddie Guevara. “He is missing. We do not know where it is”, He declared. In addition, he said “It is time to resume the struggles in Venezuela, as is happening in Cuba”.

“I would like to send a special greeting to all of Freddie’s (Guevara) family. We are many families in Voluntary Popular who have overcome this situation. We have over 500 famous bow prisoners. All the leaders of our party were subjected to imprisonment, persecution and deportationLopez began his intervention.

Later, he revealed: “I know Freddie well. He has been a friend and partner for many years. Together we founded Valented Popular. He is one of the most committed people to see Venezuela for free. Knowing that he was running the risk of incarceration, he decided to stay in Venezuela”.

Lopez stressed the point of detention this Monday.Freddie gave a very clear message about the planned struggle and commitment of Juan Guidal” so what “You are ready for this process that you have to live with”.

In the picture, Venezuelan opposition leader Freddie Guevara.  EFE / Rayner Peña R / File
In the picture, Venezuelan opposition leader Freddie Guevara. EFE / Rayner Peña R / File

They were imprisoned for three years at the Chilean embassy, ​​and he left knowing that at any moment they were going to imprison him again. That moment came“It simply came to our notice then.

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He said Guevara’s abduction was in response to the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro who wanted to divert public opinion from two issues. First rule “He does this to divert attention from what is happening in Cuba. Maduro has always acted in the best interests of Cuba. I have no doubt that Maduro was asked from Cuba to take steps to divert attention”, He insisted; When the second reason is stated “To divert attention from the idea of ​​taking criminal gangs from different parts of Caracas. Maduro diverts in search of an enemy. That is the reason why Guevara was abducted. “

Regarding the whereabouts of his partner, he reiterated “He went missing and was abducted by Maduro on the orders of Tarek Saab (Attorney General), and we know that this instruction was given to Sebin. We do not know where it is”.

Press conference at the Popular Bow
Press conference at the Popular Bow

He then talked about what he had tried to kidnap Juan Guida He emphasized that “Thanks to the neighbor it was not finished. I would like to highlight the bravery of Freddie, Juan and my brothers from Valentine Popular. This fight is worth it, and it’s worth it from where we are. We must all unite to fight for Venezuela’s independence”, He concluded.

Before Leopoldo Lopez, Freddie Guevara’s father spoke at the press conference. Freddie Guevara Sr. arguedThere are many who are fighting for freedom“Your baby and it”The whole family begged him to leave the country. Decided to stay and take the risk. He knows it even when we talk about it, ”he said.

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“It hurts me so much that there are people who say this is a show. Everyone here is a terrorist and provocateur. All of us can be blamed for these crimes. All with the same offenses”, He did the laundry; Politician “He stayed in Venezuela for me, for you, and for you”, He pointed to those who were there and provoked applause.

“You have to give him solidarity, you have to let go of the strength, we have to tell him that we are with him. We will continue to fight. I urge the international community not to forget Freddie. We must continue to fight for their freedom,” he concluded.

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