May 28, 2024

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Live: Ana Wilma de Escobar: “I did not receive any money from the public fund set out to complete my salary”

“The Supreme Court acquitted me of any liability for illegal enrichment and found no illicit funding or bonus in my probation notice,” de Escobar said.

Ana Wilma de Escobar will appear before the Legislative Special Commission this Thursday to inquire into bonuses from public funds at the Presidential Palace.

Former official who served as Vice President from 2004 – 2009 during the administration of the former President Antonio Saca, Now diverting funds from expenditure set aside for the crime of embezzling $ 300 million, pointing out to the Commission that he did not receive any bonuses as Vice President or Director of Social Security in Salvador during his tenure. Company (ISSS).

When former President Antonio Saga promised to receive his salary “exclusively”, he was surprised to announce before the commission that he had received a $ 10,000 bonus a month.

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When asked what he thought of the bonus, de Escobar pointed out that “he was not there to comment on whether it was legal or illegal” because he did not receive it.

The interviewer said that the Vice President does not have his own budget and that all the funds for the Vice President’s post come from the President’s budget. Meanwhile, he pointed out that his salary was $ 3,286.

Can you deny that Mr. Saka is lying in this group? Representatives of new ideas asked him. At the commission, a video was re-created with an extract of the former president’s statements.

They showed a video of Antonio Saka pointing to Ana Wilma as the recipient of at least three times as much money. Photo by EDH / Yessica Hompanera

“I personally do not receive money from public funds for my salary or any other personal benefit,” he replied.

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Despite the former Vice President’s answers, Vice President Walter Cotto asked, “Who is lying?” Questioned, citing statements made by former President Saka.

She openly replied to him: “I was more corrupt than you were before any word was valid.

The Member of Parliament again asked if the President had lied to the Sakka Commission, to which he replied: “Ask him”.

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Deputy Cotto was asked to read aloud the document issued by Secretary Elmer Charlix, which reflects the receipt for the bonus received during his tenure. De Escobar refused to read it, as the document was invalid because it was not signed.

The former vice-president continued to interfere with the elaboration, and he often told the delegates of new ideas: “If you allow me to finish,” “Please, Mr. President (of the Commission), I have the right to respond.”

De Escobar also cited the Supreme Court’s Probation Division’s decision in 2009 to acquit him of illegal enrichment by establishing that there was no evidence to prove the existence of an illegal act.

“It took the probation unit a year to investigate me. In my report he did not find any illegal funding or extra pay,” he ruled.

Ana Wilma de Escobar arrived at 1pm to answer questions from delegates. In the morning, former President Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt’s system, in addition to his $ 5,226 salary per month during his tenure, received compensation for the positions he represented, and he thinks this came from the president’s allocated spending.

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Schmidt served as vice president during the administration of Francisco Flores between 1999 and 2004. He pointed out that this economic “compensation” allocation was agreed upon during a meeting with the then president at the beginning of his term.

He said the “bonuses are legal” and that they are through the planning manual published in item 516, in the official gazette.