June 16, 2024

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Lofredo questioned Erison's goal disallowed by VAR in Botafogo x Fortaleza: "You can't keep watching for offside"

Lofredo questioned Erison’s goal disallowed by VAR in Botafogo x Fortaleza: “You can’t keep watching for offside”

Commentator Andre Lofredo once again questioned the use of VAR in Brazilian football, this time because he canceled out Erison’s goal, 10 minutes into the second half, in Botafogo’s 3-1 win over Fortaleza, when the match was still in progress. The move was reported on the field and the offside video referee confirmed it. In the final round, there was a lot of complaining about the disallowed goal – correctly – by Gabriel, of Flamengo, against Botafogo himself.

– That was a millimeter glitch. You cannot keep passing these lines to locate the nail obstruction. You can’t, it doesn’t help football. We can’t spot the offside with my hairline, and you can’t overrule the target because it was windy and the guy’s hair was on top. It cannot be so. If you can’t see it in the photo, whatever is outlined in the field is worth it. Even a machine does not give us security. It’s an angle, it has to be very calculated, it’s the line, it’s the frame… Guys stay three minutes to spoil what people went to watch – Loffredo complained, on “SporTV News”.

The commentator also questioned the delay in validating the goal of Fortaleza, which Moises scored in the first half.

Fortaleza’s shot was checked three times and none came close to being offside. He was still scoring on the field. What was the job of the assistant? He spoiled the castle celebration. It is there so, why not check the obstruction? Since all targets will be checked, why should they fly the flag? There were three and a half minutes of interruption in play – Lofredo noted.

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