April 24, 2024

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Lucas Barreto pays two penalties, Botafogo eliminates Taupati and goes to the last 16 of the Copa Sao Paulo.

Lucas Barreto pays two penalties, Botafogo eliminates Taupati and goes to the last 16 of the Copa Sao Paulo.

Botafogo saved twice from goalkeeper Lucas Barreto on penalties to advance in Copa Sao Paulo. After a 1-1 draw in regular time, Glorioso beat Taobate 4-3 on a hot Friday morning, at Guaquinzao Stadium, and qualified for the Round of 16 of Copenhagen. Fogão is now waiting for Corinthians or Resende.

Alfinegro’s goal came in normal time right at the start, in two minutes: Wendell took a free kick from distance and scored 1 to 0. The team’s actions improved from home, after 20 minutes he was able to take the initiative in the first half.

In the second half, Botafogo had the opportunity to score the second goal in the tenth minute: Givinho managed to shoot, Ray kicked a cross, and Joao Pedro saved the ball. Taubaté was trying to increase the pressure and managed to equalize with a goal. In the 33rd minute, Romero hit a superb free kick and hit the corner: 1 to 1.

The match was open despite the sweltering heat in Toopati – this time it didn’t even rain! Fugao had the chance to win in the end. Givinho made another excellent move and rolled, Ray kicked a cross and Joao Pedro saved a corner kick already in the 44th minute. Then came the penalties again.

In the penalty shootout, goalkeeper Lucas Barreto – who recovered from Covid-19 and resumed the title in place of Mauricio – shone by defending the fourth and fifth charges of Topati, and Fogao secured in the round of 16 of Copina.

data sheet
Tabs (3) 1 x 1 (4) Botafogo

Stadium: Joquim de Moraes Filho
date and time: 01/14/2022 – 11 AM
Rule: Petro Dimitrov Stefanelli (SP)
Auxiliaries: Fabricio da Silva Costa (SP) and Denis Matthews Afonso Ferreira (SP)
Income and audience: open gates
yellow cards: Reydson (BOT)
red cards:
Objectives: Wendel 2’/1ºT (0-1) e Romero 33’/2ºT (1-1)
Penalty kicks: Agore, Romero, Zee Roberto, Marquinhos and Joao Sills (TAU) lost; Ray, Wendell, Redson and Givinho did, Ewerton lost to Porto (BOT)

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Taubat: Joao Pedro; Joao Salles, Lucas Minhoca, Zee Roberto and Romero; Bilogia, Uygur and Kaichi (Joao Vinicius – interval); Pardal (Gustavo – half time, then Brunão 29’/2ºT), Garcez (Ronald 23’/2ºT) and Sapata (Marquinhos 23’/2ºT) – Coach: Harley Dias.

Botafogo: Lucas Barreto Wendell, Ayrton Porto, Redson and Givino; Kawan (Carlos Henrique 36min/2ºT), Guilherme Liberato (Paolo 40min/2ºT) and Ray; Kawi (Felipe Vieira – half time), Gabriel Tigrao and Maranhão (Daniel Vagondes 31’/2ºT) – Coach: Riccardo Resende.