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Macron compares the 2nd round in France to the 2016 US election

Macron compares the 2nd round in France to the 2016 US election

The French president rejected the support indicated by the referendum and demanded voter turnout

The President of France Emmanuel MacronOn Sunday (24.Ap.2022), he warned voters about the importance of voting when they run for re-election. Deputy Marine Le PenOf the National Constituent Assembly.

Macron compared the French election to the 2016 US election in which former President Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, a result that is considered surprising in contrast to previous voting intentions.

The next day they woke up“, The French president told a television channel BFM TV This Friday (22.Ap)

Macron compared the situation with the Brexit referendum in 2016, when the United Kingdom was more likely to vote in favor of leaving the European Union (EU).

Published Election Poll Survey Ipsos-Chopra Steria In 6th place, 71.5% and 75.5%, representing an average of 73.5% participation.

When 73.69% of the French population of more than 48 million went to the polls on April 11, it was very close to the number seen in the 1st round. However, this represents a turning point in the history of the 5th Republic in the 2nd round – with the exception of the 1969 election, when 31.2% of the French population failed to go to the polls in the dispute between centrist Alain Bohr and conservative George. Pompeo, the latter chosen for the Elysee Palace.

In the pre-election Ipsos barometer, Macron received 57% of the vote and Le Pen 43%. Another poll by Atlas Intel shows even more controversy: 53.3% to 46.7%.

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Macron considered the decision of the French electorate to be a referendum on the country’s permanence in the European camp and recalled the family history of the National Committee candidate.

The powerful process of transformation that the far right has been carrying out in recent months and years wants to convince us that it is a part of the population. No. Is it there [Le Pen] Candidate of a hereditary clan”, Criticized Macron.

Marine Le Pen is the daughter of right-wing politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, who came in second in the 2002 election. On that occasion, he was defeated by then-President Jacques Chirac by 82.2% to 17.8%.

In June 2018, the candidate changed the name of his father’s party to Frente Nacional (National Front).National FrontTo the National Committee (National AssemblyIn an effort unrelated to the party’s racist and racist history, led by 93-year-old Jean-Marie Le Pen, who stepped down as party leader in 2011.