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Maduro establishes a commission for the “judicial revolution” and appoints Diostato Capello as its chairman, allowing for human rights abuses

Maduro establishes a commission for the “judicial revolution” and appoints Diostato Capello as its chairman, allowing for human rights abuses

File photo: Nicolas Maduro, his wife Celia Flores and Diostato Cabello, President of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, at a rally in Caracas, Venezuela on March 9, 2019 (REUTERS)

Venezuela’s Special Commission for the Judicial Revolution, its creation was announced by dictator Nicolas Maduro, whose chairman, Chavismo’s deputy and number two, Diostato Cabello, described the country’s judiciary as a “model for the world”. .N., Parliament) said in a statement at the gates, in which they explained that “the country is organized into six regions with one coordinator”.

Maduro announced last week his attempt to carry out a “judicial revolution” within 60 days: “I declare the creation of a special commission to lead the judicial revolution throughout the Venezuelan judiciary, led by Comrade Diostato Cabello Rondon.”

Justice enslaved to the regime has become one of the preferred tools for persecuting and imprisoning enemies. In addition, the dictatorship sought the lawless Supreme Court on several occasions, with the intent of overthrowing the formal parliament headed by Juan Guide.

But may be The most important thing about this initiative to revolutionize justice and make it a “model” is the election of its president … Although one of the most important men in the Savista dictatorship, Dzodo Cabello, he is highly controversial.

The U.S. imposes sanctions on a number of transnational crimes against the ruling party’s vice president and chairman of the Constituent Assembly.

In 2018, just days before the fraudulent presidential election in Venezuela, The United States has listed Cabello as an OFAC (Foreign Assets Control Office) for its involvement in a comprehensive and powerful network of money laundering, corruption and drug trafficking. According to Washington, Chavismo’s number two is carrying out these operations in conjunction with Nicolas Maduro and Oil Minister Tarek El Isami, while pointing to his links to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

American poster with reward for Diostato Capello
American poster with reward for Diostato Capello

One year later, in August 2019, Switzerland also imposed sanctions against the Savista leadership. Among them was Cabello, who used the media to publicly attack and threaten Venezuelan political opposition for undermining democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela.

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From his show on Venezuelan public television, by giving Maso, he threatens journalists and delegates alike, and from the screen he tends to carry out chavista justice punishments.

“We are going to work in the entire judiciary and make the judiciary a model justice system for the country and the world,” Cabello said, announcing that everything would intervene: the prosecutor’s office, the prison ministries and the interior, the ombudsman’s office. People, AN, Regional Governors, Bolivarian National Police (BNP) and Bolivarian National Guard (GNP, Military Police).

But Cabello will not be alone in chairing the commission for justice, as Maduro has named his wife, Celia Flores, as the mountaineer of the Savista in question. Her appointment is as controversial as Cabello’s because the First Lady is isolated by the international community as a party responsible for the abuses of democracy.

During the last presidency of Hugo Chavez, who was blacklisted in North America, the former Attorney General of the Nation was also a deputy and a fraudulent legislator who established a parallel government to seize power. Opposition.

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