October 1, 2023

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Mahomes achieves 'miracles' at the end, Chiefs defeats Bills in overtime in crazy match to reach AFC final

Mahomes achieves ‘miracles’ at the end, Chiefs defeats Bills in overtime in crazy match to reach AFC final

Mahomes led the tie campaign with 12 seconds left.

Sunday NFL It started crazy and ended up being crazy. In overtime at Arrowhead Stadium, it was Kansas City Chiefs have won buffalo bills 42-36 and qualified for the AFC Final on Sunday in an epic and unforgettable match.

With less than 3 minutes remaining, with the Bills dropping 26-21, Josh Allen made three amazing plays on the same engine. He avoided a sack with a run to land first on third.

He then threw a touchdown pass to fourth-place Gabriel Davis for 13 yards inside a two-minute warning that could end the game there.

And in a two-point conversion, he was able to hook the pass to secure the two points after escaping from the sack.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Chiefs launched their attack in less than two minutes on the clock and threw a touchdown pass from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill, which ran across nearly the entire field to give Kansas City the lead within a minute. End.

But one minute and three breaks was too long for Josh Allen, who led another touchdown drive, that Davis scored again, with 12 seconds remaining on the clock.

Chiefs still have 12 seconds and three contact timeouts. And that was enough for Patrick Mahomes to put Harrison Poetker in a position to score a field goal around the clock.

In overtime, Mahomes shined again with a touchdown pass from Travis Kelce.

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With this result, the Chiefs scrapped bills for the second year in a row and moved to the NFC Finals to face the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday.

This is the fourth consecutive time the president has appeared in the AFC Asian Cup.


  • Patrick Mahomes: 32-43 yards, 370 yards, 2 TD’sy, 69 yards fast, 1 TD rushing

  • Tyrek Hill: 11 receiving, 150 yards, 1 TD

  • Travis Kelsey: 8 receptions, 96 yards, 1 TD

  • Josh Allen: 27-37 count, 329 Garda, 4 TD

  • Gabriel Davis: 8 receptions, 201 yards, 4 TD