May 25, 2024

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Maicon asked Renato to lift a miracle from the base of Grêmio

Maicon asked Renato to lift a miracle from the base of Grêmio

Maicon, who finished Syndicate Not so long ago, he gave an interview to the famous broadcaster Allie Oliveira, where he revealed that he had asked Renato to raise Jean Berry from the norm. paying off:

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“He was a boy who had been training well, and he had a characteristic match That would help us. I reached up to Renato and said, “Professor, I think it might be Jean’s moment.” And he climbed. Early on, he took turns with Luan and then had a moment of confirmation. Then he fell a little. Now he’s back in the starting line-up with Mancini and I hope he continues well.” Maicon said.

So we now know that it was Maicon who asked for Jean Berry to be promoted to the club’s pro. Many people must have already noticed that a guild takes a long time to raise its youth. No wonder Pepê and Everton Cebolinha were sold when they were 24 years old. It wasn’t because they took so long to thrive, but because the immortal took so long to cast them into the first team.

Today, 22-year-old Jean Berry might have just transitioned into professional mode if Maicon hadn’t asked for it at the time. So, it could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you think of JP.

Maicon was one of those responsible for playing Jean Berry in the Grêmio . team

Jean Berry is considered a much above-average player by many within Grêmio, and Maicon saw that as well. However, the player was not able to prove himself in the team because of his way of playing.

Perhaps with Mancini promising to explain closely what he wants the player to do, the midfielder will finally become the ace everyone has come to expect. If that happens, Maicon’s story will gain even more significance, because Jeanne has so far been just an eternal promise.

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Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA