May 25, 2024

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Maize recedes in Chicago with U.S. harvest progress; Soy stands firm

Corn crop in Lucas do Rio Verde (MD)

War Christopher Waljasper

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Maize trading in Chicago fell behind for a fourth session on Tuesday, as harvest progress in the United States put pressure on markets, while the recovery of the dollar and continued interruption of Ida storm reduced export prospects. .

On Monday soybeans were firm after nearly three months.

The most active corn deal at the Chicago Chamber of Commerce closed at 4.75 cents and was at $ 5.17 per bushel.

Wheat was down 10.50 cents a bushel at $ 6,9025.

Soybeans closed at $ 11.50 a dollar, down $ 12.74 to $ 12,5750, the lowest level since June 18.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said the country’s corn crop was 10% complete after the market closed on Monday, up from a five-year average of 9% this year.

In addition, the USDA raised the U.S. soybean crop by 59 percentage points from good to good, up 1 percent from the previous week, while raising its best soy rating by 1 point to 58%. Analysts, on average, did not expect any change in ratings.

(Additional report by Christopher Waljasper; Gus Trombis in Paris and Naveen Thugral in Singapore)


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