October 2, 2023

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Many U.S. states accuse Google of collecting data without authorization

Many U.S. states accuse Google of collecting data without authorization

Google’s London Offices January 18, 2019 – AFP

Lawyers in several U.S. states condemned Google this Monday (24) for allegedly collecting geolocation data from Internet users, which the company has denied, although it is not explicitly recognized.

To enable the option to prevent the collection of geolocation data, the team provides a Google Account for Android OS users or iPhone owners.

According to a document submitted Monday by attorneys in the federal capital, Washington, and states in Indiana, Texas and Washington, “Google continues to collect and store users’ location data, even if the option is implemented.” Data came from Internet activity, apps usage, and WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

The discrepancy between the functions provided and their effects on the use of geolocation data was made public in 2018 by the Associated Press. The report released by the AP caught the attention of lawyers in several states, who began their own investigations.

According to lawyers, this period will last from 2014 to 2019. They are asking judges to take legal action individually in their respective states and ban this practice. They demand a refund of the proceeds from the collection and use of this data in addition to the unspecified penalties.

In response to a query from AFP, Google argued that the legal action was “(based on) false statements and outdated claims.” We always add data protection options to our products and offer effective control of geolocation data.

A spokesman for Google, which has listed “improvements” implemented in recent years, said: “We will actively defend ourselves and restore the truth.

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As explained, this includes options that allow you to automatically delete geolocation data in real time and search for address or location without saving data.

Google has been the subject of numerous lawsuits in recent years. In July, 36 states and the district attorney for the capital, Washington, filed a lawsuit against Alphabet, a subsidiary, alleging anti-competitive practices related to its Google Play Store.

Two other lawsuits are pending in the United States regarding the dominance of Google search engine and the technology used in advertising.

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