May 30, 2024

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Mateus Solano tem doença devastadora comunicada, corpo é modificado e perda cruel é confirmada

Mateus Solano communicates with the disease, the body changes, and the loss is confirmed

The artist is losing her hair due to premature baldness and has been diagnosed with Vitiligo, a disease that causes changes in the skin.

Currently on air at “Life is more, better”, Globo’s TV series at 7 p.m., Matthews Solano He opened up about his health and revealed the unimaginable: The artist suffers from Vitiligo which causes spots on the body, suffers from baldness, Which makes you fall out hair from time to time.

But calm down! in conversation with O Globo newspaper, The artist showed good harmony with both, even saying that he found it unnecessary to have to hide his baldness to star in TV series.

“Both Eric (from ‘Pega pega’) and Guilherme (from ‘More Life, the Better’), used the spray to mask the blemishes on my scalp, I’m kind of envious. Directors don’t associate baldness with the image of a lover, which I think It’s ridiculous, because we have Raul Cortez and so many other beautiful bald men,” he began.

Severe hair loss at such a young age has been treated with medication, but it is not something that affects your life negatively.

“Nowadays, with this plastic thing and implants, everything is very synthetic. In his 30s, my father was already bald. I, at 40, am very profitable like this. I have always been taking finasteride to avoid further hair loss, But it wasn’t a big concern for me,” said Mateus Solano.

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Devastating disease Mateus Solano has been reported, the body has been modified and severe loss confirmed
Matthews Solano (Image: Publicity)

Disease that changes the body

Finally, a Globo . representative It is assumed that he was diagnosed with Vitiligo by chance after the death of his aunt two years ago. “I need more care of my skin because I recently had Vitiligo. It’s very localized areas, but in the series you can see one above my lips,” he explained.

“There is no definitive diagnosis of vitiligo, as they say, it is emotional. Two or three years ago, I lost my dear aunt, and that death fell like a stone on my life. Six months later, these white spots began to appear,” explained the artist, who followed him:

“It’s the only thing I can relate to. I take it as a tribute to Michael Jackson, I’m a huge fan. Matthews Solano, of Globo, concluded, of course, I have an abyss, but I’m always looking for a positive outlook.

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