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Mauro Cesar: Corinthians beat Xavi with 38 crosses and a lot of heart - 01/11/2021

Mauro Cesar: Corinthians beat Xavi with 38 crosses and a lot of heart – 01/11/2021

Reuniting Corinthians with their full stadium was exciting. Nearly 40,000 fans were elated by Roger Geddes’ goal in the final move, after a corner kick, Sylvinho’s 38th cross, which only got past goalkeeper Keeler, on a fantastic run.

NS Corinthians Captured 79% in the first half by Onefootball stats. Made nine times, only once in a direction Chapecoense, which at its lonely end of the preliminary stage, narrowly missed the opening score.

It was Mike’s corner kick that young goalkeeper Matthew Donnelly deflected with the tip of his glove. The ball is on the right crossbar and returns to the hands of Cassio’s substitute, suspended, at the end of the first half. Sylvinho’s team was the size of the game without creating that much.

With Mosquito replacing Gabriel, Corinthians are back in the second half. Chapecoense remained closed and well organized in its prosperity. Keeler saved two amazing goals with his header after the 19th and 20th passes for the Sao Paulo team. Next, a yellow card for the archer for the waxing and also for his coach, who ordered the 1 jersey to try to buy time.

Little by little, Chapecoense managed to contain counterattacks, which were not implemented due to errors at the time of selection. Just before the cross 30, Joe shot and defended Keeler amazingly.

Rare offensive play that did not result from a raised ball. Incidentally, the fact that there are 38 people showing Corinthians is still unimaginable, and even with three of the four reinforcements in 2021, he won in a sensational fashion, at the last minute, but did not play well. once again.

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