May 21, 2024

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Megan Markle creates a list of travel requirements for the UK with Harry: Find out which ones

Megan Markle creates a list of travel requirements for the UK with Harry: Find out which ones

Megan Markle has been away from the UK for over a year and a half. Although Prince Harry returned to his homeland, this did not happen in the case of the Duchess of Sussex, who, despite much controversy, appears to have made some demands for his return to British soil.

According to Heat, an English entertainment magazine citing sources close to the couple, rumors may be circulating that the Duke of Sussex is preparing to visit the Queen and introduce their youngest daughter, Lilliput, to the paternal family and that the former actress does not want to “bow down” to anyone. Therefore, it published a list of requirements for the visit to take place.

A source close to the Duke of Sussex said “Megan’s return to Britain depends on certain guarantees”, adding that the couple was “ignored” while working as a member of the royal family.

Ideally, he would like to return in late September or October, especially if plans to pay public tribute to Princess Diana go ahead. But what she wants: She also wants the assurance that she and her family will have full control over 24/7, five-star lodges and press releases and her schedule while she is there. “She wants Harry to be by her side at all times. She does this for Harry and the kids because she felt it was important, but after all she has been in the UK, there is great reluctance,” he added.

It was reported last week that the Duke of Sussex had heard of a private meeting with the Queen, which took the public by surprise considering the tensions that have arisen in recent times.

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“Meghan and Harry know they have a lot more critics in the UK,” the same source said. Megan, in particular, knew that her every move would be explored from the time of the trip to the time she wore it. So you say you take the necessary steps to protect yourself. I could not feel vulnerable like I was last in the UK, ”he concluded.