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Mel Maya vents about a health problem and worries followers

Mel Maya vents about a health problem and worries followers

This Monday (8), Mayan honey She posted, on Instagram Stories, that she was worried after returning from the gym. Full of activities to offer, the young actress was very worried and reminded her fans of her mental health problem:

Hello people, good evening. I just got back from the gym, and I’m full of things to do. […] But this usual theme: I’m very worried. I woke up today feeling very anxious. Jesus, I’m trying to pretend I’m not, but that’s really hard guysMel Maya said.

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Mel Maya reveals that she suffers from anxiety and suffers from it (Image: Instagram/Instagram)

Mel Maya reveals that she suffers from anxiety

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And the actress had recently revealed that she suffers from serious anxiety problems, and that she has had panic attacks, as she was suffering from breathing problems and chest pain, but she managed to reverse this.

I actually see you guys talking so I can show off more, I promise! It’s only this week that worry decided to spend the days with me and I can’t take it anymore”The famous young woman vented.

These days I feel very anxious. And I feel comfortable talking about it with you. […] Pain in my chest that my God is in Heaven. he knows? My heart is racing, I have shortness of breath. And today in the gym, it happened again. But sometimes I can control it. Today I managed to take control. […] So I do everything to distract myself”, the teenage star revealed on Instagram Stories.

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Although she has many fans who support her on the networks, Mel Maya also has haters who hate her on the web. Most recently, the actress denounced that she was a victim of online hate attacks.

I’ve never talked to you about it, because I don’t really like revealing my feelings. I think it’s very personal. But, now, you have to know so you don’t think I’m 100% fine and well all day and all the timeFamously began.

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