June 12, 2024

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Mercedes reveals how UK inflation will affect it in 2022

Mercedes reveals how UK inflation will affect it in 2022

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Chairman Mercedes, Absolutely WolfHe believes high levels of inflation have made it even more difficult for larger teams Formula 1 Operate within the budget cap of the game. According to him, the tight limit will make it difficult to change the direction of the concept of the new rules to a group of ‘wrong’ and produce a significantly modified car for the 2022 season.

This year, the spending limit will be reduced from US $ 145 million (approximately R $ 745 million) to US $ 140 million (R $ 719 million), forcing top teams to further reduce their positions or allocate people to projects outside the highest category. Motor sports. At the same time, the latest official inflation rate, measured by the Consumer Price Index in the Mercedes-headquartered UK, is at a high of almost 5.5%.

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“It’s very difficult to build the company and the organization properly to achieve the $ 140 million cost,” Wolfe said when asked. motorsport.com. “And in an environment of high inflation, we’ll not only cut $ 5 million, but you’re really in a situation where you can not increase costs and wages. So it’s very painful.”

“On the other hand, you have to decide very carefully where to invest your R&D dollar. In the past, it was a little easier because there are many ways you can proceed. Today, you have to decide which is more effective. Then start it.” . This is a completely different operating system. “

Mercedes W13

Photo: Mercedes AMG

He made it clear that the teams would fight in such a situation, with a view to changing the mind if necessary.

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“There was a page where you could actually change technical ideas because sometimes you go in one direction,” he recalled. “Then changing the extra pressure bases of the budget cap makes it very difficult to replace the car basically.”

“Because everything is planned, each upgrade and the costs associated with it are planned, so we are very much in control of the cost limit on our ability to implement the creative process in the machine,” he concluded.

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