June 21, 2024

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Micron accounts for 73% of new COVID-19 infections in the United States

Micron accounts for 73% of new COVID-19 infections in the United States

Just three weeks after its discovery in the United States, the omicron variant is already responsible for 73% of new COVID-19 cases in the country. Appreciation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, taking into account the one-week period ending on December 18.

the Increase 70% higher than last week, and more than 72% two weeks ago, when Omicron, also known as B, estimated at 0.4% of all new cases of the disease.

a Variable detected in all US states, except for Oklahoma and North Dakota. In some parts of the country — including New York, New Jersey and most of the South and Pacific Northwest regions — the variant accounts for more than 90% of new cases.

“This sharp increase in omicron was expected and is similar to what has been seen worldwide,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement. “We know that prevention strategies can slow the spread of the coronavirus.”

Since the end of June, it has been delta variable there was A major copy of the virus that causes infection in the United States. By the end of November, more than 99.5% of Corona Virus Because of this strain, according to CDC data.

a The Omicron variant was first discovered in South Africa in late November and called “Alternative of anxiety” by the World Health Organization (WHO) on November 26.

It is not clear exactly when the strain arrived in the United States. Although California was the first state to confirm an omicron case in the country on December 1The CDC said one patient developed symptoms as early as November 15.

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Nationwide, about 70,000 Americans have been hospitalized with covid-19, according to a seven-day average of US Department of Health data last week — that’s a 14% increase in two weeks. The United States is currently recording an average of more than 130,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, more than double the two-month average.