June 12, 2024

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Midfielder "Mansi" returns by Sylvinho in Corinthians from injury and fans ask: "I will be a key player"

Midfielder “Mansi” returns by Sylvinho in Corinthians from injury and fans ask: “I will be a key player”


After rising to the professional rank of Timão, the young defensive midfielder has yet to set up a sequence even at the request of the fans.

Marcello Zambrana / AGIF - He didn't give Sylvinho Xavier many chances
Marcello Zambrana / AGIF – He didn’t give Sylvinho Xavier many chances

During the training session on Friday (18), in the re-introduction of Corinthians after the defeat in the Classic against Palmeiras, with a score of 2-1, on Thursday (17), coach Vitor Pereira had a novelty. Following the completion of the physical transition, young defensive midfielder Xavier has been released from the club’s medical department to return to activities at CT Joaquim Grava’s promoter.

The midfielder suffered a muscle injury for about a month, more specifically on February 19, when he faced Timao Botafogo de Ribeirao Preto, in a valid Paulista match. With his return, Xavier found himself in contention for the center of the wheel, especially with Du Queiroz and Cantillo. Some Corinthians fans are hoping for a chance.

Xavier moved to the main team in 2020, when Alfinegro Paulista coach, Thiago Nunes, was sacked, and was replaced by Diego Coelho, who was in the Under-20 squad and temporarily took charge of the team. He and fellow midfielder Rooney quickly secured the opportunities with the coach, who was soon replaced by Wagner Mancini. In 2021, with Sylvinho, the midfielder saw few opportunities at the start.

Even with the steering wheel back, Vitor Pereira continues another absence. In total, there are four players who still need to be monitored by the medical department: left-back Bruno Melo, with an injury to the posterior muscle of his left thigh, goalkeeper Matthews Donnelly, who suffered a blow to the right calf, striker. Joe, suffering from a muscle discomfort in his left thigh, and quarterback Rowan Oliveira, who has been a DM for a long time recovering from knee ligament surgery.

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