June 23, 2024

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More than 800 people cross the English Channel to enter the UK - Observer

More than 800 people cross the English Channel to enter the UK – Observer

At least 828 immigrants crossed the English Channel and reached the UK on Saturday. A new daily cross-recording, The British government announced on Monday night.

Previous daily registration, according to the British Home Office 592 visits, In August.

According to the British news agency PA, More than 12,400 people have crossed the English Channel, One of the smallest boats in the world since the beginning of this year. This number is higher than last year’s total crossing (Over 8,000).

With the help of French authorities, the Interior Ministry said it had blocked more than 10,000 crossing attempts this year and made nearly 300 arrests since July 2020.

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In France, the English Channel and the North Sea Maritime Commission reported on Saturday that 102 migrants had been rescued at sea in the waters of the Pass-de-Calais as they tried to reach England.

The crossing issue is a regular source of friction between London and Paris, but the UK pledged இறுதியில் 62.7 million in late July to provide France with .7 62.7 million in 2021/2022 to fund the strengthening of French defense forces along the coast.

The British Parliament has begun debating Home Minister Priti Patel’s asylum reform ahead of the summer recess, which marks the “Brexit” pledge on the asylum issue.

Issued by the Minister as “fair but firm” but condemned by associations for the protection of human rights, the reform is aimed at encouraging illegal immigration and wants to treat asylum seekers differently depending on whether they are coming to the country legally or illegally.

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The bill, from the current six months, would increase the prison sentence for immigrants who want to enter the country illegally and get a life sentence of four years – currently 14 years – the maximum sentence for human traffickers.