May 28, 2024

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Nelson Piquet is brutally jealous of Lewis Hamilton

Nelson Piquet is brutally jealous of Lewis Hamilton

After the repercussions of Nelson Piquet’s statements, Refers to Lewis Hamilton as a “Negro”A new part of the same video was recorded in 2021 He also revealed anti-gay rhetoric by a three-time world champion Formula 1which caused major repercussions in the automotive world, as many defended the seven-time world champion.

in the podcast Ball Possession #241, Juca Kfouri presents Nelson Piquet the Bronze Ratão, an inverted prize awarded to the most prominent negative points each week. The journalist says that the Brazilian should be jealous of the Mercedes driver.

“Nelson Piquet referred to Lewis Hamilton as the ‘little black guy.’ Not satisfied, today the second part of the interview is running, and he continues to make anti-gay comments regarding Lewis Hamilton. He is certainly savagely jealous of Lewis Hamilton, who is Jukka says.” : a seven-time world champion in Formula 1 and is “the only ‘three-time champion'”.

columnist UOL It also indicates that the press is mistaken when it provides evidence of personalities who make offensive or ridiculous statements, citing not only the former pilot, but also the chief. Jair Bolsonaro (pl).

“A large part of his fame is due to us in the press, who committed a slip of which we should be aware. Like genocide, Nelson Piquet did what gave space to the genocide to say he had to kill 30,000 people., including Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

“It’s Steve Bannon’s tactic, talk about the biggest barbarism because someone will give you space, ‘The Earth is flat’, ‘Vaccination doesn’t work’, and then flip it over. Nelson Piquet, who today goes to the dustbin of history, has become Uber from genocide. For him, the bronze rat for racist and homophobic statements.”

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